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Kiran Ahluwalia - 2008 Sessions NL

This is a very good follow-up to the previous post, as I first heard Kiran Ahluwalia in this song she recorded in 2011 with Tinariwen:

clip of, in India born, Kiran Ahluwalia backed by Tinariwen covering Nusrat Fareh Ali Khan

Kiran Ahluwalia was born in India, moved with her family at an early age to Canada, after growing up in Toronto she went back to India to learn ghazal music from an Indian master musician. After having local success back in Canada with her first albums and having married her, in Pakistan born, husband Rez Abassi, who is also her main musical collaborator, she wished to wander more over our globe. She came in contact with the Dutch music label World Connection, who was interested in releasing her music in Europe and invited her in 2008 July for promotion and later in November of the same year for a 'World Sessions' tour to Holland.
On both occasions recordings and interviews were made for Dutch Radio6, which happily I could catch, before the station closed down at the end of last year.
Kiran with her group at World Sessions (2008.Nov.22)

Listen to a track from her first, unplugged, session

AHLUWALIA-KIRAN-2008_Sessions in Holland

2008.Jul.09 - unplugged session in Amsterdam
setlist: 1.Aks / 2.Merey Mathay / 3.Yakeenan / interview by Ben Mendes
2008.Nov.22 - evening - World Sessions, Podium Mozaiek, Amsterdam
setlist: 1.Vo Kuch [trad.] / 2.Mere Mathay [trad.] / 3.Jaag Na Jaag [trad.]
note: earlier the same day she performed at the India Festival in Amsterdam (from which I also have some recordings, for a future post....)

More on and from Kiran Ahluwalia:

  • In 2012 she visited the Festival au Desert and performed with Tinariwen (read report at afropop)
  • In 2012 she performed at Ragas Live Festival (listen nycradiolive)
  • In 2015 she did a World on 3 session (listen BBC


2001: Kashish - Attraction - Ghazals and Punjabi Folk Songs (CD)
2003: Beyond Boundaries (CD)
2005: Kiran Ahluwalia (CD, comp.of first 2)
2007: Wanderlust (CD) in 2008 by World Connection in Europe
          watch live performance of Soch Ka
2011: Aam Zameen - Common Ground (CD) incl.Mustt Mustt (at top of post)
2014: Sanata - Stillness (CD)
          watch the beautiful clip of Hayat

Profiter de la musique!
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