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Ali Farka Toure 1987-2005 BBC recordings

Many links to choose from (Baobab, Wassoulou K7, Oumou live, etc) for continuing Oumou's chain, but now Ali Farka Toure (1939-2006) feels most appropiate. The link is that Ali has helped Oumou in the beginning of her carreer, and unbelievable but true Ali wasn't featured here before. Even realise that in the early 1990s I had left him off my 'Tour of Africa' K7, remember also I was not convinced about the Talking Timbuktu album and really got into his music with the brilliant 'Nianfunke' album, so had his enormous past, all the way back till 1976 LPs, to delve into.
So here now all BBC recordings I have from Ali, all from broadcasts by Andy Kershaw.

Ali Farka Toure in 2004 at Festival in the Desert (from gettyimages)
About Ali Farka Toure is enough info on the interweb, so here we go directly to his music, but for who needs just start at wiki, surf further and don't forget to check WrldSrv.

Listen to a track recorded 1987.Oct in Andy Kershaw's kitchen in London

TOURE AF 1987-2005 BBC recordings

1987.Oct - Andy Kershaw's Kitchen in London - bc.2006.May.28 BBC Radio3
setlist: 1.Yenna / 2.Cherie / 3.Kadi Kadi / 4.Amandrai
In 1987 October the late Ali Farka Toure prior to his official gig did his first UK performance in the kitchen of Andy Kershaw's flat for about 30 well-informed people

2003.Jan.06-08 - Festival in the Desert - bc.2003.Jul.18 BBC Radio3
part 1 (tent session): 11.acoustic #1 / interview ending with band introductions / 12.acoustic #2 / interview continued / 13.Kadi Kadi
part 2 (concert): 21.Tangambara Soboy / 22.Larana Hodjure

2005.Jan.29 - BOZAR Brussels - bc.2005.Mar.06 BBC Radio3
setlist: 1.Gomni / 2.Debe (with Toumani) / 3.Amandrai


1976: Ali Touré "Farka" (LP, Sonafric #50.016)
1976: Ali Touré "Farka" - Special Biennale du Mali (LP, Sonafric #50.020)
1976: Ali Touré Farka (LP, Sonafric #50.032)
1977: Ali Touré (dit) Farka (LP, Sonafric #50.060)
1979: Ali Touré dit "Farka" (LP, Sonafric #50.085)
1984: Ali Farka Touré aka.Red (LP, Disques Esperance) in 1985 on K7 (#KS.1891)
1987: Ali Farka Toure (LP/K7, World Circuit) in 1988 on CD with 2 bonustracks
1988: Ali Toure "Farka" Vol.1 (K7, #MM.5001) Mahmoudou Maiga - WrldSrv
1988: Ali Toure "Farka" Vol.2 (K7, #MM.5002) Mahmoudou Maiga - WrldSrv
1988: Ali Farka Touré aka.Green (LP,  Disques Espérance #ESP.8448)
1990: The River (LP/CD, World Circuit) note CD with 2 bonustracks
1992: The Source (CD, World Circuit/ Hannibal)
1994: Talking Timbuktu - with Ry Cooder (CD,  World Circuit/Hannibal)
1996: Radio Mali (CD, World Circuit/Nonesuch) compilation 1970s recordings
1999: Niafunké (CD, World Circuit/Hannibal) recorded in Niafunké, Mali
2003: VA - Le Festival Au Désert (CD/DVD, Triban Union/Wrasse Records)
          CD incl.Ali Farka Touré - Karaw / DVD incl.Ali Farka Touré - Goye Kur
2004: Red & Green (2CD, World Circuit) reissue 1984 & 1988 LPs
2005: In the Heart of the Moon - with Toumani Diabate (CD, World Circuit)
2006: Savane (CD, World Circuit) Bamako shortly before Ali's death
2010: Ali and Toumani (CD, World Circuit) rec.2005 at Livingston Studios, London
add.: private K7s posted on WrldSrv ('Ali with Haira Arby' and '20km, Dofana concert 1990.Oct')

something to watch (while downloading):

  • 1994: Ali with band - Diaraby (at Later with Jools)
  • 1997: Ali with band - Karaw (at Angoulême) [thanks NGONI] and if you like he has more!!
  • 2003: Ali plays and talks with Corey Harris (in Niafunké from PBS docu 'Feel Like Going Home')
  • 2005: Ali with Toumani - Debe (2005.Jan.29 at BOZAR, Brussels)
  • 2005: Ali with Bassekou (2005.Feb at Festival in Segou, Mali) 

in between tickling his guitar
ALI always ate them RAW!!