Friday, 15 September 2017

Various Senegal from K7s (2006-2)

training of mango producers in the Sédhiou region (see tracknr.9)

This is a follow up of the, about half a year ago posted, K7s radio shows (Senegal-1, Guinee and Mali), which I catched again from the ConcertZender in 2006.

info from the radioshow:
For the African market cassettes are important - they are easy to duplicate and play. Musically it's interesting because often less concessions to Western tastes and pop influences are made. We go on a journey through a stack of cassettes from Senegal.

Listen to the unknown track by UCAS Jazz Band de Sedhiou

VA-SENEGAL-K7s_2006 CZ-2

Full Tracklist

1.Les Freres Guisse - Anta Majigen Ndiaye (2000, K7, Ndèye) => ndiakhass #
   three brothers Djiby, Cheik and Aliou Guissé from the Fouta Tooro area in the north of Senegal, their music is based on different rhythms of the Toucouleur
   biography: musiques-afrique
2.Fatou Laobe - Balamanse (2001, K7, Hommage a Tidiane Anne) => ndiakhass #
   former backing vocalist for several Senegalese musicians, like Baaba Maal and Youssou N'dour
3.Mapenda Seck - Bass Sama Xarit (K7, Takussanu Ndakarou) #
   brother of Thione Seck*
4.Mass N’Diaye - unknown title (1996, K7, Betou) #
   former singer with Tropical Jazz De Dakar
5.Maty Thiam Dogo - Daje Woorul (2000, K7, Santati Serigne Fallou) =>  ndiakhass #
   former member of 'Ouzettes', the singers behind Ouza
6.N’Dongo Lô - Serigne Fallou (2005, K7, Weet) #
   very popular singer, who just 30 years old died unexpectectly 2005.Jan,
   200.000 people were present during his funeral ceremony in the holy town of Touba
   discography: lydia_gaertner
7.Salam Diallo - Yarou (K7, Yamassa)
   former member of the band of Omar Pene, solo playing in the 'Tassou' style,
   a combination of spoken word, sabar and tama
8.Secka & le Royal Band de Thiès - Ki La Nekh (2000, K7, Jomba Gnaw) =>  ndiakhass #
   band formed in 1972 in Thiès, some 70 kms east of Dakar
9.UCAS Jazz Band de Sedhiou - unknown title (unknown K7) #
   band probably founded in 1959*
   1st.album available at
wrldsrv / a compilation at likembe

#even more/other K7s posted at ndiakhass.blogspot
*more info and/or listing of various K7s/LPs/CDs at natari's senegal page

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Tinariwen-20170729_Juicy Beats Dortmund

Seems starting up again is a little more difficult than expected. So after some 3 weeks after previous post, herewith a real new upload.
Tinariwen 2017.Jul.29 at Juicy Beats Festival in Dortmund, Germany
A recent performance byTinariwen, the Tamasheq band with dry sand in their guitars and rhythms like driving camels (two steps ahead, one step back, and so on, but always slowly going ahead).

The funny thing from this recording is that the female singer seems to be living since some time in Germany and speaking the language of the audience, pretty good even!! The show is recorded by Cosmo Live, that is the former Funkhaus Europa Live, from which in the past I've posted several live recordings. No further 'talking' by me, here's the music for all of you!!

Tinariwen-20170729_Juicy Beats Dortmund - FHE

Setlist: 1.Assul - Intro / 2.Kel Tamashek / 3.Nazagh Ijbal / 4.Chet Boghassa / talk by female singer / 5.Azawad / 6.Group Adagh / 7.Tamatent / 8.El Ghalem / 9.Tifawt / 10.Talyat / 11.Aymana / 12.Ittus / 13.Assawt / 14.Sastannaqquam / 15.Chaghaybone

Source: Cosmo Live from 2017.Aug.25 (it's actual playlist)

More media for Tinariwen at Juicy Beats 2017:

PS: Somebody asked for the BBC recordings from April, the splitting of those m4a files takes more time, for me at least (splitting, listening back, correct splitting, etc.). So this is in the pipeline, but before completion, the posting of this Cosmo recording seemed the best thing to do.