Wednesday, 26 October 2016

John Peel's World of Music #2 (12 years)

Half a year ago (plus 1 day) I made a post about John Peel, and now again I missed yesterday's John Peel Day (2004-2016.Oct.25).
This time with just one day, caused by personal chaotic circumstances*. So here is now for you all:

John Peel's World of Music #2

1.tracklist again in the download (only)
2.for who likes the surprise track at the end, let me know through the comments (without revealing the artist) and I might have something special for you

*reason also for the postless weeks since last one, but from now on I'll try one weekly post minimum...

Enjoy the Show, and don't forget:
'Our Globe is Everybody's
and the Only One We Can Floss!'

Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Following up the previous post, a quick dip into the archive brought me this wonderful concert recorded in RASA, Utrecht by the ConcertZender.
Bassekou Kouyate & N'goni Ba avec Tamikrest (2013.Jan.31, RASA Utrecht)

Sahara Soul - A night of Malian music

2013.Jan.31, RASA: Bassekou Kouyate with Ngoni Ba & Tamikrest (in this page are also some videos from both groups, as promos for the Malian night)
Google translation: Sahara Soul pays homage to Mali plagued by a devastating instability. Two contemporary groups share the stage to hear a united voice from the musically rich West African country: Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba and Tamikrest. Bassekou comes from South Mali and is rooted in the Mamana tradition. Worldwide it is known the museum instrument the ngoni, the predecessor of the banjo, to rock a lot. With his new album "Jama Ko" he says, "You may be rich or poor, Muslim or Christian, let's get together and enjoy ourselves."
From the north, near the borders of Algeria, get the Tuareg of Tamikrest. Their hypnotic blues is inextricably linked with a revolutionary spirit.


audio not splitted up into individual tracks, so the following parts:
1.concert Bassekou Kouyate (63:25) / 2.N'goni Ba avec Tamikrest (11:00) / 3.Tamikrest (7:32, short part of concert)
source: broadcasted by ConcertZender World Music Night (2014.May.04, Night)

petition: keep RASA Utrecht open

Just came across the news, that a very nice music venue, RASA in Utrecht could get in trouble caused by losing their financial support from the government/municipality. I remember having been there several times, especially a concert by Oumou Sangare in the 1990s springs up in my mind. They always have a nice programming there with artists from all over our globe.
I'll check in my archive if I can find any recordings made in RASA and if so will post it. In the meantime any of you wanting support a good global music venue, please check this link to a petition - If you sign-up to this (as I just did), you will be supporting a manguetique cause.
Just noticed in their program that 'Trio da Kali' from Mali will be playing there in 10 days time, wish I could go there, but will just have to do with this video:

Longer video of this available at the BBC