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Diblo Dibala 1992.Jul.19 Kershaw Peel Sessions

Just found the missing track of the 1992.July19 Kershaw Session by Diblo Dibala & Matchatcha.
Therefore today: Maintenant C'est Dansez Dansez!!

Diblo Dibala 1992.May.01 in the Boston Globe
Diblo Dibala, born in 1954 in Kisangani in the Congo (now Zaire), of the Baluba people, is one of the hottest African Soukous lead guitarists around. At the age of 6 Diblo moved to Kinshasa and by the age of 15 he was playing guitar in the great Franco's TPOK band. In Kinshasa, Diblo continued to master his lava-hot guitar chops with such top Zairean bands as Vox Africa, Orchestre Bella Mambo, and Bella Bella.
In 1979 Diblo left Zaire and landed in Brussels where he played a rented guitar and washed dishes to make money. In 1981 he moved to Paris, where the Soukous scene was a happening thing. He rejoined Kanda Bongo Man, who he had played with in Bella Bella. Their first album, Iyole (1981), was a big hit: Kanda became a big star, and Diblo became the most sought-after session man in Paris. Diblo's huge European success with Kanda Bongo Man led to the formation of his own band, Loketo (which means 'hips', as in 'shake your...'), featuring the work of the gifted vocalist Aurlus Mabele. By this time Diblo was the dominant Soukous session man in Paris and he was in great demand. On recordings by such Soukous giants as Kanda Bongo Man and Pepe Kalle you can hear them calling out "Diblo" when guitar solo time comes around. In 1990 Diblo left Loketo to form Matchatcha (which means "a type of flower that produces an itch").--Janet Planet, The African Music Encyclopedia -

John Peel and Andy Kershaw, on learning Diblo was making an appearance at Stern's African Records, raced there to get his autograph. He repaid the compliment by giving name checks to both of them on 'Matchatcha Wetu' (included in the session).

Listen to Bolingo from the session

DIBALA-DIBLO-19920719_Kershaw Peel BBC-rpts

rec.1992.Jul.19 / double session with Kershaw (four on each show) / bc.1992.Aug.08
tracklist Kershaw:  1.Mondo Ry* / 2.Matchacha Wetu* / 3.Bolingo* / 4.Merci Papa*
source: rpt.2018.Sep.10 and 2019.Jan.15, BBC 6music Gideon Coe

After the 1992.Aug.08 Kershaw show, John Peel played the other part of the double session by Diblo Dibala & Matchatcha, this is posted by Sterling Cale on his blog Maggot Caviar

As a bonus to this session I have included the only track I have found so gar of the 2nd Peel Session:
rec.1994.Nov.19 - bc.1995.Jan.14: tracknr.4 Destin (also in earlier post about Diblo)

For more info about Diblo Dibala head over to the Bio by Gary Stewart at rumbaontheriver (incl.selected disco and biblio).


"il faut me pardonner - you must forgive me"

Pap Djah's last words before left on his own in the Sahara desert (in Niger)

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Assa Drame 2004.Apr.18 Kershaw Session BBC

Assa Drame, born in 1976, is a daughter of the famous singer Tata Bambo Kouyate from Mali.

Assa Drame - daughter of Tata Bambo Kouyate (detail of album cover)

In 1992, at the age of 16, she was introduced as singer by her mother with the K7 "Tata Bambo presente sa Fille Assa Drame - Hommage aux Griots". In 2004, at the age of 28, she made her first visit to the UK, during which she did this lovely session for Andy Kershaw. There are several videoclips from some of her songs up on youtube [from 2007 till 2013].
Couldn't find more information about Assa, so here some links to info about her more famous mother [in which Assa is mentioned]:

Listen to "Sabou - the reason" of the session

ASSA DRAME - 20040418 Kershaw Session BBC

tracklist: intro Kershaw / 1.Sabou - the reason / songs explanation / 2.Kaira - happiness / outro-intro Kershaw / 3.Mande Bourou - voice of the Mande / songs explanation / 4.Iyamba - praises to family / outro Kershaw
line-up: Assa Drame - vocals / Yacouba Sissoko - kora / Makan Tounkara - guitar
broadcast: 2004.Apr.18 BBC Radio 1 Andy Kershaw

Discography of Asse Drame

1992: Tata Bambo presente sa Fille Assa Drame - Hommage aux Griots (K7, Afrique Musique #AM.92002) - listen at youtube
2007/2011: Sabu Nium An (K7/digital, Kalitex Production) - clip of Sabou
2011/2013: Koyoumandon (digital, DMS/Kebe Cheickna) - clip of Fourou

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The Four Brothers 1994-2000 Peel Sessions

- happy new year - bonne année - frohes neues jahr - feliz año nuevo -
- boldog új évet -
gelukkig nieuwjaar - štastný nový rok - gott nytt år -

A connection to the last post from last year, in the video playlist two live recordings from these four and now two radio sessions.
The Four Brothers 2000.Dec.29 in London (source: flickr album)

In 1977 four musicians from Zimbabwe, Alex Chipaika-Phiri (guitar), Marshal Munhumumwe (drums, vocals and a nephew of Thomas Mapfumo), Edward Matigasi-Ulaya (guitar) and Never Mutare (bass) formed a band and, though not related at all, called themselves The Four Brothers for their first recording. That name was meant to be temporary, but as that first recording, "Mandega", made such an impact, they decided to keep it.
In the following years they made many recordings, many became big hits in Zimbabwe, especially the after independence in 1980. In 1986 the band was approached by Stern's Africa from London to tour Europe, contracts were signed and between 1987 and 1990 the Four Brothers had performed in over ten countries in Europe and even in Canada.
In the UK they became favourites of BBC radio DJs Andy Kershaw and John Peel, who started playing their music regularly and recorded several sessions with them. John Peel and his wife had enjoyed the Four Brothers when visiting Zimbabwe, Peel himself wished that they could play at his birthday party. So his wife secretly organised that to happen on his 50th birthday in 1989 in the garden behind his own house.
In the early 1990s ill fate hit the Brothers, first Chipaika-Phiri and Matigasi-Ulaya died and later Munhumumwe, following a car crash, suffered a stroke and was unable to continue to perform with the band. Replacements were found in Frank Sibanda, Robrum Chauraya and Albert Ruwizhi, so Never Mutare, as the only original bandmamber, could continue to play and succesfully going on international tours as The Four Brothers.
Finally in 2001 Munhumumwe died at the age of 49 and the following year bass guitarist Never Mutare did his very last breath.
In 2016, Marshall Munhumumwe Jr., the son of the founder, decided to join the new Four Brothers/Makombe Brothers band as their manager, to maintain his father's legacy. However, this new band has struggled to gain traction in the music industry due to scepticism from promoters and the public.
summarised from

Listen to Mberko Yakaramba from the 1994 session

FOUR BROTHERS 1994-2000 - Peel Sessions #3/4

Peel Session #3 - rec.1994.Oct.27 - bc.1994.Dec.09
tracklist: 1.Mbereko Yakaramba* / 2.Takabva Neko* / 3.Tsvaga Hunhu* / [missing 4.Wachiveiko]
line-up: Marshall Ticharwe Munhumumwe - drums / Never Mutare - bass / Robrum Chauraya - rhythm guitar / Frank Sibanda - guitar
source: repeat 1995.Jul.29 in John Peel Show

Peel Sesssion #4 - rec.2000.Sep.06 - bc.2000.Sep.28
tracklist: 1.Vamwene* / 2.Ndibvubamire* / 3.Ndateterera*  / 4.Regai Nditaure*
line-up: unknown
source: broadcast 2000.Sep.28 in John Peel Show

More from and about the Four Brothers

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