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Fanfare Ciocarlia - 2007 at Music Meeting and North Sea Jazz

This time some music from a land without mango trees, but their blowing of the horns sounds manguetic to my ears, and their speed.........., at each speed control they'll get a ticket, but luckily can return it by blowing some more!

Fanfare Ciocarlia on their way to play live (just stopped by the police)
And the chain, well no links to recent posts, just in one of the first posts here Awards for World Music Concert (2006) is included one track and interview with this ear blowing band from the village of Zece Prajini - meaning Seven Fields - in Romania.

Fanfare Ciocarlia - 'Kings & Queens'

Bosnian melancholy and French flamenco fire meet the virtuoso wind orchestra from Romania
source: info for 2007 Music Meeting
A little less than ten years ago trumpeter Lazar Radulescu of Fanfare Ciocarlia spoke the - almost - prophetic words: "We have made ​​music at weddings in Zece Prajini and the rest of Moldova. We play now in Germany, France and Belgium.Next year we are in America and Bulgaria. A few more years and we'll play on Mars. Just watch!" Since then, the Romanian gypsy orchestra has astonished theaters, pop venues and festivals all over the world with their dexterous, melancholic and danceable rumbas, horas and sirbas. It was a hectic time with peaks of 30 gigs in one month. On their website are, next to the bizarre amount of tour dates, lists with international reviews.
After four successful CDs and one DVD there is also a new challenge: to bring gypsy music, which is becoming more popular is in the rest of the world, back to their own Romania. The Roma and their culture were largely tucked away in the time of Ceausescu and after the fall of the dictator in 1989 that changed only gradually. In Romania Gypsy culture is still not seen as part of the Romanian society.
in 2006 at first ever concert in Romania
In 2006 December there is a milestone for the Fanfare: it performs its first concert in its own capital Bucharest. And not alone: for the occasion its members are assisted by renowned Roma musicians from all over Europe, like the Macedonian diva Esma Redzepova and three French gitanes from the band Kaloome. Unfortunately without the participation of clarinetist Ioan Ivancea, doyen of the Fanfare and champion of Roma culture. He died in 2006 October.
The orchestra travels through Europe to make more recordings with fellow musicians for the new album 'Kings & Queens'. Not only Redzepova and Kaloome are involved, also the electro-gypsy Mitsou, sexy rocker Jony Iliev
and Serbian crooner Saban Bajramovic participate. The result is a surprisingly balanced and beautiful album in which the various gypsy traditions have their place. The album, released in 2007 March, is dedicated to Ioan Ivancea.
At the Music Meeting will play a unique delegation of Queens & Kings. First, the eleven men of Fanfare Ciocarlia (trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, tuba, horn and percussion), and their dancers Aurelia Tantica. Then the guest musicians: Bosnian Ljiljana Buttler with her through life marked, ​​almost masculine voice, and from the south of France Perpignan Tato Garcia, Christ Maille and Sabrina Romero from the band Kaloome. Especially the cooperation with Kaloome is surprising. The musicians of Ciocarlia reduce their pace a little, to give space to the Spanish guitar, the handclapping and the flamenco vocals. The music of the Catalan gitanes fits perfectly into that of Ciocarlia. All in all the show in Nijmegen will resemble the liberating concert in Bucharest. This is Fanfare Ciocarlia - plus!

performance: Sunday 2007.May.27 - De Kathedraal - Park Brakkenstein
line-up: Costica Trifan - trumpet, vocals / Paul-Marian Bulgaru - trumpet / Lazar Radulescu - trumpet, vocals / Oprică Ivancea - clarinet, alto sax / Dan Ionel Ivancea - alto sax / Constantin Cantea - tuba / Monel Trifan - tuba / Constantin Calin - tenor horn, vocals, dance / Laurentiu Ivancea - baritone horn / Costel Ursu - bass drum / Nicolae Ionita - percussion / Antoine "Tato" Garcia - guitar / Christchurch Mailhe - guitar, vocals / Sabrina Romero - vocals, dance, cajón / Aurelia & Tantica - dance / Ljiljana Buttler - vocals

Listen to their own introduction at Music Meeting


2007.May.27 - Music Meeting Nijmegen
setlist: 1.Ciocarlia / 2.Cassablanca / 3.Hora Arabeasca / 4.Zvonija Zvonija - feat Ljiljana Butler / 5.Ma Rov - feat Ljiljana Butler / 6.Asfalt Tango
2007.Jul.15 - North Sea Jazz Roterdam
1.Hora Cu Strigaturii / 2.Dansul Lui Sulo / 3.Nicoletta / 4.Ah Ya Bibi


1998: Radio Pascani (CD, Piranha)
1999: Baro Biao - World Wide Wedding (CD, Piranha)
2001: Iag Bari - Gypsy Horns from the Mountains Beyond (CD, Piranha)
2004: Gypsy Brass Legends (DVD, Asphalt Tango)
2005: Gili Garabdi - Ancient Secrets of Gypsy Brass (CD,  Asphalt Tango)
2007: Queens and Kings (CD, Asphalt Tango)
2009: Live (CD+DVD, Asphalt Tango)
2011: Balkan Brass Battle (CD, Asphalt Tango)
2014: Devil's Tale - with Adrian Raso (CD, Asphalt Tango)
2016: Onwards To Mars! (CD, Asphalt Tango)
no mangos in their local bar annex grocery store - even the cock can't find any ....

i'm really curious what
regular travellers to planet

think of this ear blowing music

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