Sunday, 5 March 2017

Orchestra Baobab - 2017.Jan.31 Live in London

Just a quick post.

Orchestra Baobab (source: BBC Radio 3, 2017)

Found today that the concert by Orchestra Baobab 2017.Jan.31 at Roundhouse in London can be listened to till about the end of this month at the BBC Radio 3 Website.

Here it's available: World on 3 (2017.Mar.03)

The page includes full setlist and some background info, before the show itself there is a good introduction by Lucy Duran (former DJ at BBC Radio3).

ENJOY!! Recommended while eating a fresh one!!

PS1: when the show can not be listened to anymore on the BBC site, I'll post the full concert, incl.interesting talk, here at Mangue Music.
PS2: listening myself when writing this post, and hearing again "Mouhamadou Bamba" before the concert gives me again shivers through my body, that music and that VOICE from Thione Seck!!!


  1. Thank you! I was there, and it was truly spellbinding, now I have a souvenir too :-)

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    1. yeah can't wait to hear the new record, a tribute to singer Ndiouga Dieng who passed away last year.

      Last Baobab show for me was july 2015 at Jazz a Vienne, Ndiouga Dieng was still singing Bul Ma Min and Rudy Gomis was also there whereas Bartholome Attisso had already left.
      Listening to the London show, the groove is untouched...I really hope they add some date to the april-may tour and maybe play somewhere close...

  3. try this