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Various Senegal from K7s (2006-2)

training of mango producers in the Sédhiou region (see tracknr.9)

This is a follow up of the, about half a year ago posted, K7s radio shows (Senegal-1, Guinee and Mali), which I catched again from the ConcertZender in 2006.

info from the radioshow:
For the African market cassettes are important - they are easy to duplicate and play. Musically it's interesting because often less concessions to Western tastes and pop influences are made. We go on a journey through a stack of cassettes from Senegal.

Listen to the unknown track by UCAS Jazz Band de Sedhiou

VA-SENEGAL-K7s_2006 CZ-2

Full Tracklist

1.Les Freres Guisse - Anta Majigen Ndiaye (2000, K7, Ndèye) => ndiakhass #
   three brothers Djiby, Cheik and Aliou Guissé from the Fouta Tooro area in the north of Senegal, their music is based on different rhythms of the Toucouleur
   biography: musiques-afrique
2.Fatou Laobe - Balamanse (2001, K7, Hommage a Tidiane Anne) => ndiakhass #
   former backing vocalist for several Senegalese musicians, like Baaba Maal and Youssou N'dour
3.Mapenda Seck - Bass Sama Xarit (K7, Takussanu Ndakarou) #
   brother of Thione Seck*
4.Mass N’Diaye - unknown title (1996, K7, Betou) #
   former singer with Tropical Jazz De Dakar
5.Maty Thiam Dogo - Daje Woorul (2000, K7, Santati Serigne Fallou) =>  ndiakhass #
   former member of 'Ouzettes', the singers behind Ouza
6.N’Dongo Lô - Serigne Fallou (2005, K7, Weet) #
   very popular singer, who just 30 years old died unexpectectly 2005.Jan,
   200.000 people were present during his funeral ceremony in the holy town of Touba
   discography: lydia_gaertner
7.Salam Diallo - Yarou (K7, Yamassa)
   former member of the band of Omar Pene, solo playing in the 'Tassou' style,
   a combination of spoken word, sabar and tama
8.Secka & le Royal Band de Thiès - Ki La Nekh (2000, K7, Jomba Gnaw) =>  ndiakhass #
   band formed in 1972 in Thiès, some 70 kms east of Dakar
9.UCAS Jazz Band de Sedhiou - unknown title (unknown K7) #
   band probably founded in 1959*
   1st.album available at
wrldsrv / a compilation at likembe

#even more/other K7s posted at ndiakhass.blogspot
*more info and/or listing of various K7s/LPs/CDs at natari's senegal page

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  1. Now, that's detail...! Thanks for all the additional comment on the cuts. Mbalax makes for great traveling music.