Sunday, 21 October 2018

Ali Farka Toure 1987/1993 Radio Sessions

Just today I catched the 4th track I was missing from Ali Farka Toure's 1987 studio session he did for Andy Kershaw BBC Radio1.
Ali Farka Toure - picture from his artist profile on BBC's site
[seems made at the Festival in the Desert 2003]
Originally I thought that this was the so called "Kershaw Kitchen Session", which I have posted earlier, but quickly it became clear that this is a real studio session done before the "pots & pans" recordings by Kershaw himself.
As this session is "only" 4 tracks, uploaded it together with the 1993 session Ali did together with Ry Cooder for KCRW Morning becomes Eclectic [not available anymore on the KCRW site].

TOURE-AF-1987-93 Radio Sessions BBC KCRW

Ali Farka Toure - 1987.Sep.17 Kershaw Session BBC Radio
playlist: 1.Kadi Kadi / 2.Laleyche / 3.Timbarma / 4.Yulli
audio (m4a) catched from repeats broadcasted by Gideon Coe on BBC 6music 2017.May-2018.Oct

Ali Farka Toure with Ry Cooder - 1993.Sep.03 Morning Becomes Eclectic KCRW Radio
playlist: interview / 1.Ali playing the djurkel / interview / 2.Keito / interview / 3.Diaraby / interview / 4.Gomni / 5.Soukora
audio catched from repeat broadcasted in the "Morning Becomes Eclectic - 30 Years 1977-2007 Celebration"

For further info about Ali Farka Toure, incl.full discography, see this earler post.

"il faut me pardonner - you must forgive me"

Pap Djah's last words before left on his own in the Sahara desert (in Niger)

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