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Assa Drame 2004.Apr.18 Kershaw Session BBC

Assa Drame, born in 1976, is a daughter of the famous singer Tata Bambo Kouyate from Mali.

Assa Drame - daughter of Tata Bambo Kouyate (detail of album cover)

In 1992, at the age of 16, she was introduced as singer by her mother with the K7 "Tata Bambo presente sa Fille Assa Drame - Hommage aux Griots". In 2004, at the age of 28, she made her first visit to the UK, during which she did this lovely session for Andy Kershaw. There are several videoclips from some of her songs up on youtube [from 2007 till 2013].
Couldn't find more information about Assa, so here some links to info about her more famous mother [in which Assa is mentioned]:

Listen to "Sabou - the reason" of the session

ASSA DRAME - 20040418 Kershaw Session BBC

tracklist: intro Kershaw / 1.Sabou - the reason / songs explanation / 2.Kaira - happiness / outro-intro Kershaw / 3.Mande Bourou - voice of the Mande / songs explanation / 4.Iyamba - praises to family / outro Kershaw
line-up: Assa Drame - vocals / Yacouba Sissoko - kora / Makan Tounkara - guitar
broadcast: 2004.Apr.18 BBC Radio 1 Andy Kershaw

Discography of Asse Drame

1992: Tata Bambo presente sa Fille Assa Drame - Hommage aux Griots (K7, Afrique Musique #AM.92002) - listen at youtube
2007/2011: Sabu Nium An (K7/digital, Kalitex Production) - clip of Sabou
2011/2013: Koyoumandon (digital, DMS/Kebe Cheickna) - clip of Fourou

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