Wednesday, 5 October 2016

petition: keep RASA Utrecht open

Just came across the news, that a very nice music venue, RASA in Utrecht could get in trouble caused by losing their financial support from the government/municipality. I remember having been there several times, especially a concert by Oumou Sangare in the 1990s springs up in my mind. They always have a nice programming there with artists from all over our globe.
I'll check in my archive if I can find any recordings made in RASA and if so will post it. In the meantime any of you wanting support a good global music venue, please check this link to a petition - If you sign-up to this (as I just did), you will be supporting a manguetique cause.
Just noticed in their program that 'Trio da Kali' from Mali will be playing there in 10 days time, wish I could go there, but will just have to do with this video:

Longer video of this available at the BBC


  1. Enjoying your blog very much. But I wanted to point out that if you're looking for Bembeya Jazz, live in the 80s, you might check here:

    There's quite a bit that's live from the group, as well as others, including Balla et ses Balladins.

  2. =>glinka21
    Yeah, like I wrote on the blog before, there's an enormous wealth (each and every recording?) of music from Guinee (period 1960s-80s) available there, a pitty the searching through it isn't that easy.
    For Bembeya Jazz I think that there must be recordings from the European tours in the 1980s, so that's what on my wish list, if anybody has any, please.....