Monday, 25 April 2016

John Peel's World of Music #1 (11,5 years)

Got this idea about making a post of manguetic music played by John Peel in his radio shows. Today 11,5 years have passed since his sudden death 2004.Oct.25 on holiday in Peru, and as I missed all previous John Peel Days (Oct.25), today feels an appropiate date to publish this post.

John Peel pictured preparing for a radio show

In the early 2000s I found out that, where I lived then, I could listen to the BBC World Service broadcasted on FM radio. There were 2 shows I tried not to miss: Charlie Gillett and John Peel, both shows were only half an hour long. But in that short time they played a lot of very good music and gave also very good information about what they played. As all was officially released music, no sessions or special recordings, I didn't tape any of those. After John Peel's death, the BBC used his time slot for summaries of radio specials like WM Awards and Andy Kershaw documentaries, of which some I did tape to K7.
A few years later, when radio started to be streamed in decent quality on the internet, the World Service FM broadcasting was stopped by the BBC, and collecting special music transformed from K7 taping to catching internet streams.

A group of people operates the wonderful John Peel Wiki, where info, tracklists and audio is collected from many of his radio shows, sessions and other related media appearances. He had several African artists recorded for his famous radio sessions, and going through tracklists of his shows I noticed that in every hour of his shows he played at least one non-western track, selected based on the only valid criterium: his own taste!
That gave me the idea to make a tribute post with manguetic music played in his shows, put the tracks together, chronologically labelled and audio including his announcements and music related talk in between. So it can be played like a radio show called "John Peel's World of Music" (nr.1, so more can follow in the future......). The selected music comes from all over the world - UK, Nigeria, Congo, India, Pakistan, Mali, Guinee, Hungary, Colombia, etc. - with an emphasis on areas where mango's are growing and really fresh can be eaten!!

JOHN PEEL's World of Music #1
full tracklist in the download

Enjoy the Show, and don't forget:
'Our Globe is Everybody's
and the Only One We Have!'

Some Others about John Peel in relation to Manguetic Music:

PS: at the JP Wiki you can also find some, from a manguetic point of view interesting, Andy Kershaw shows and sessions!!


  1. John opened my ears to music as a teenager in 1976 when I first started listening to his shows (10-midnight on BBC Radio 1). I've been a radio addict ever since, always with ears wide open. Thx for the post and a great trip down memory lane!

  2. =>Tim Harrison
    You're welcome and lucky you could be inspired by him for so long!
    Another reason I made this blog and post is, that my impression is that western radio stations (UK, NL, BE, DE, etc) are playing less and less non-western music. Special programs are cut and regular shows don't compensate, but play less then before. IT'S A SHAME AND A MUSICAL LOSS!!