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Various Mali from K7s (2006)

Follow up of the Guinee K7s radio show, here the one with Mali K7s, which actually was broadcasted by the ConcertZender one week earlier.
mangos for sale en route Bamako - Segou (1992, Mali)
As music from Mali is more known (than from Guinee), there's more info about the artists to find on the interweb. Included the basics in this post with links to more, hope everything provided is correct, if not just let it be known in comments to this post.

Listen to Ramata Diakite live at Montreal Jazz (audio from promo video)


Full Tracklist

1.Salif Keita - Bees (1993, K7, Sirga)
    Sirga K7 (1993, SOS Albino productions) Malian release of "L'Enfant Lion OST"
    Salif Keita discography on
    full K7 on YouTube: a1 / a2 / a3 // b1 / b2 / b3 (thanks Falilou Ndiaye)
    about the film L'Enfant Lion (Sirga): info / trailer
2.Djene Doumbia - Maniamba (1984, K7, Pure Tradition)
    born in Kankan, Guinee, grew up in Ivory Coast in a family of griots,
    recorded and performed concerts with both Salif Keita and Mory Kanté
    'Pure Tradition' was recorded in 1984 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

    Djene Doumbouya YT channel - Djene with Sadio Orchestra at bandcamp
3.Djeneba Traore - Don Foly (2001, K7, Djon Mine)
    born mid 1970s in Bamako, got musical teaching from her father,
    recorded 'Djon Mine' K7 with Moussa Kone former guitarist with AFT
    (old) info from mali-music:
4.Kandia Kouyate - Mansa Youman (1994, K7, Sa Kunu Sa)
    born 1959(?) in Kita, Mali, became 'ngara' or mastersinger after a long career,
    which seemed to end in 2004, when she suffered a stroke,
    but in 2015 she recorded and returned with a
new album
    biographies: afropop / wiki
5.Mama Draba - Alla Sanouman - 2006 Kedo K7
    born 1968 in Mali in griot family, married with kora player Ballaké Sissoko,
    member of his group Mandé Tabolo (short portrait on
6.Ami Sacko - Mogo Ti Dja Be Ye - 2002 Mali Denw K7
    from Segou, Mali, at the age of 15 she started her musical career by entering
    the competition “Young Discoveries from Ségou”,
    she is married and performs with n'goni player Bassekou Kouyate
    biography at
7.Coumba Sidibe* - Namarato - 2001 Mansa K7
    born in 1950 in Koninko, Mali, died 2009 May 10 in New York
    sung from the age of 7, became in 1977 a member of 'Ensemble Instrumental
    National du Mali', was their first singer to represent folkloric material from
    her native Wassoulou region, later she started her own group Le Super Mansa
    de Wassoulou, which for some time included a young Oumou Sangaré*
8.Ramata Diakite - Yan Mogo - 2000 Confirmation K7
    grew up in the Wassoulou region in southern Mali, her aunt Djénéba Diakité*
    asked Ramata to sing backing vocals on her debut K7
    in 1996 her own debut K7 was a best seller and she became a star in Mali
    2009 Oct 30, after a year-long battle with Hepatitis A, she died in Burkina Faso
post about Ramata's passing / remembering Ramata / discography

note: * Wassoulou singers with tracks on The Wassoulou Sound - Vol.1 / Vol.2

Bien Sure! Il y a des
Mangues Crues en Mali!!


  1. Thanks for the K7, I wanted to provide some data, first comment that to better track Djene Doumbia, keep in mind that she prefers to use his name in the manner of Guinea, that is Djene Doumbouya.

    I also wanted to complete a little the discography of Ramata Diakite in Mali-music, is missing an album called "Sigui" about 2002, then in 2003 Ramata took a trip to America to record with an American group lover of world-music,they made an album with pop-rock style but soulless, called "Maba", later, about 2006, a part of "Maba" was edited by Camara prod. mixed with the album "Sigui" the album was called "Maban"
    (At the time it was heard that "Maban" was published without the permission of Ramata).
    And then last album "Burutumu", more acoustic and edited by Studiomali.

    1. =>NGONI
      Thanks, checked Djene Doumbouya, and will include found links in this post.
      If I ever will make a post about Ramata, will include your info in her discography.