Saturday, 24 December 2016

Oumou Sangare - 1995.Jun.01 - AfroPfingsten

Here for you all a Christmas Present from the far far far away but ever so close Land of Mangos.
Oumou Sangare 1995 at a Festival in Sweden (image from youtube)
Received the original audio from 'doyadig', a very kind follower of this blog, and with the help of NGONI could identify (almost) all the songs.

Wanted to post this already months ago, but didn't find the time to do so. Later on decided to keep till just before Christmas, so during whatever you're doing the coming days you have the chance to do it when listening to a fabulous live recording from Oumou Sangare and Her Great Band!!!!

poster of AfroPfingsten 1995
Listen to a track here:

SANGARE-OUMOU-19950601_Afro-Pfingsten Winterthur

setlist: 01.Oumou Nana / 02.unknown title / 03.Kayini Wura / 04.Diya Gneba / 05.Woula Bara Diagna / 06.Nene Magni / 07.Dugu Kamelenba / 08.Ko Sira / 09.Wayeina / invites Soungalo Coulibaly / 10.Fantan Ni Mone - with Soungalo Coulibaly

bonus: 3 tracks by Soungalo Coulibaly Group (performed at "Soire Africaine" gala evening before Oumou's concert, information from poster on the left)

source: FM radio broadcast (probably Swiss radio)

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