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SöNDöRGő - Session WFMU 2014.Sep

As promised, back on track, only the track leading this time to a not really Mango Tree friendly place, but the music is great and that's what counts first of all.
SöNDöRGő in New York 2014.Sep.25
Söndörgő was founded in 1995 in Szentendre a small Hungarian town near Budapest, with long-established Serbian tradition. The Eredics brothers got acquainted, and started to play music together with (bass player) Attila Buzás during their high-school years. Partly because of family reasons (Kálmán Eredics, the father of the Eredics brothers, was a founder member of the Vujicsics ensemble), all the group members are profoundly touched by, and drawn towards Southern Slav folk music. Söndörgő’s mission is to research it, arrange it and perform it on stage. The current members of the group are: Áron Eredics, Benjamin Eredics, Dávid Eredics, Salamon Eredics and Attila Buzás.
In contrast to most groups playing Balkan music, Söndörgő isn’t playing brass band music, it is a tamburitza band. The tambura is a small and agile plucked instrument similar to the mandolin which is occasionally supplemented by wind instruments and accordion. Söndörgő’s traditional repertoire is made up of material gathered by Béla Bartók and Tihamér Vujicsics as well as learned from old masters of the tradition.

Have seen them live a few months before this session recording, around the time of the World Cup footbal in 2014.Jun/Jul, when they were on tour promoting their 'TambuRocket' album.
Had never heard of them before, and well really liked them. On their facebook page I just saw that they finished their latest international tour (they even played in Jodhpur, India) and are back in their homeland, so unfortunately missed them this time around.

SONDORGO-201409_Session WFMU

setlist: 1.Kolovodja / 2.Sinoč / 3.Marice / 4.Drago Kolo / 5.Evo Srcu / 6.Jozo / 7.Hulusi / 8.Cigančica (incl.interview with explanations of songs)
2014.September - Session WFMU (bc.2016.Mar.05 broadcasted WFMU-TSP)


2010: VA - A Népzenétől A Világzenéig (CD, FolkEuropa) by Söndörgő
2011: Tamburising - Lost Music Of The Balkans (CD, World Village)
2014: Tamburocket (CD, Riverboat) - at
2016: Live Wire (CD, Riverboat) - live album at

Media links

  • live Lotus Festival  Bloomington, USA (2014.Sep) - video 
  • session for BalconyTV (2016.Oct in Jodhpur, India) - video 
  • session for BBC Radio 3, World on 3 (2016.Nov) - audio 

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