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African Music from Philips

Let's walk on a little further back in time, guided by the same radioshow 'VPRO Wandelende Tak'. They broadcasted once a special about African Music issued by the Philips label.
9 sleeves from African Records issued by Philips (source: VPRO radio)

African Music from Philips

2004.Nov.22, VPRO Wandelende Tak, Google translation:
The Dutch firm Philips began in the fifties on a global scale with pressing and publishing vinyl for the local and international market. In Africa, Philips had built a number of vinyl factories and recording studios. Into the 1970s Philips maintained a strong position in the African market, till the record manufacturer lost interest for it because of economic headwinds, but also because of the obligation in many countries to work together with a local partner.
In the intervening decades, Philips had all the local styles from traditional to contemporary issued by its record labels. Including later internationally renowned musicians such as Fela Kuti and the African Brothers. In Europe, Philips also began early in publishing worldmusic in series such as "Song and Sound Around the World" or the "UNESCO Collection'. On the bases of his choice out of a heap of singles and LPs, Fred Gales revives in this program the African past of Philips.
source: (through

Listen to a 1978 track by 'The Ashanti Brothers Band'

VA-AFRICA_Philips Recordings VPRO (196x-7x)

Full Playlist:
01.Djaho Gole - Gbaolahon - 196x Ivory Coast
02.Djallo Nouhoum - Blaco Joukou - 196x Mali
03.Sinali Koulibaly et Balafons - Amara Sanogo - 196x Mali-Ivory Coast
04.Gom Koudougou - Naba Koum - 196x Burkina Faso
05.Mboo Ferdinand et Orchestre - Hingondabidjou -196x Cameroun
06.Odolaye Aremu - Adela Jare - 197x Nigeria
07.Ashanti Brothers - Saa Na Yede Beye Wo - 1978 Ghana
08.Kawonawo Rhino Boys - Mukazi Omubi - Uganda 78rpm
09.John Ondolo - Ashante - 197x Kenya
10.Ongo Ensemble - Eci Ameya - 1976 CAR
11.Ko Nimo and Adaman Group - Wiase Nsem Doose - 1978 Ghana
details about releases collected in download

Note: during the radioshow (in 2004) is stated that none of these Philips recordings has been reissued (on CD), this could very well still be true today!!!!!!

Probably related release:
VA-Premier Festival Mondial Des Arts Nègres - Contributions Musicales Des Nations Africaines (1966, LP, Philips #88097.DL)
a1.Soundioulou Sissoko, Mané Foca - Air de la Légende de Massané Cissé [Sénégal] / a2.Trio Ny Antsaly - Mandany Resaka [Madagascar] / a3.Amara Kamara - Zazou Wara [Mali] / a4.Gom Koudougou - Naba Saara [Haute Volta] / a5.Ensemble National de la Cote d'Ivoire - Gambia [Cote d'Ivoire] / a6.Oum Jean, Paula Isidore, Mboo Ferdinand - Maman - Malagal - Wa [Cameroun] //
b1.Starlite Band - Baby Yara [Ghana] / b2.Djallo Nouhoum - Makali [Guinée] / b3.Sinali Koulibaly - Amara Sanogo [Soudan] / b4.Afame-fune Okoye - Ipke And Ajoka [Eastern Nigéria] / b5.Aminu Olaribigbe - Wundia Asiko [Western Nigéria] / b6.Afamefune Okoye - Okpa Akwago [Mid-Western Nigeria]

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