Sunday, 8 January 2017

Espoirs de Coronthie - 2013.Oct.19 Dortmund

Wish You All the Very Very Best for this New Year, and let's start off 'Manguetique'good by listening to some music from Conakry, Guinee.

Funkhaus Europa presents Guineas Dream Team - Les Espoirs de Coronthie
Solidarity, energy, joy and virtuosity are the hallmarks of one of Africa's most extraordinary bands. Les Espoirs de Coronthie are twelve artists from the slums of the Guinean capital of Conakry, which have made their credo the band name "Coronthie's Hope". With balafon, guitars, banjo, percussions and three lead singers, they have established their own very vital urban sound, which sounds more exciting than ever on their fourth album "Fougou Fougou".
source: program in from Domicil, Dortmund

More info about 'Les Espoirs de Coronthie':

Listen to a track from their 2013 concert in Dortmund [D]


setlist: 1.Yole / 2.Baby Lova - Marafany Khroko / 3.Tatiti / 4.Babadi / 5.Justice / 6.Vicgnesse / 7.Fatigué / 8.Miss / 9.Aventure / 10.Mamayo / 11.Fougou Fougou
source: FunkHaus Europa - 2015.May.21 World Live


2002: Patriote (K7, self produced)
2004: Dunuya Iguiri (K7, self produced)
2005: Wokhöyikhi (maxi-single K7, DS Vibrations)
2008: Tinkhinyi (CD, Wountanara Prod.) internationally released in 2009
2013: Les Espoirs de Coronthie EP (Wagram Music / Chapter Two Records)
2013: Fougou Fougou (CD, Wagram Music / Chapter Two Records)
2016: 20 Ans de Carrière (??)

Espoirs to watch: 

Profiter de la musique!
Always EAT them RAW!!!


  1. Happy new year and thanks for all the recent goodies and kind words.
    Thanks a lot for this one as well, never seen them live, but I do have a malian (?) pressing of their Tinkhinyi release.

    Incidentally the group picture you picked from Funkhaus Europa site does not seem to be of this band. They look very much like Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba to me...

    1. You're absolutely right about the picture. Shit you can never trust these sites, will exchange it with the other one included in the download (which I liked less, because it didn't show the full band)