Saturday, 19 August 2017

Nigerian Grits from Hungary

After a longer than planned summer break, back at the controls of Mangue Music. No new upload yet, just a quick post presenting an interesting thing I encountered this summer.

Buzadara by Dubem K x TboySimple

I'm not into electronic/dance music at all, but this one sounded from the first hearing so sympathetic, that I like to show it to you. It's by some Nigerian boys studying at a university in the east of Hungary, a country currently not known for it's friendliness towards foreigners. Nevertheless this song seems to be a big hit there (over 1 million YT views), they even played at the famous Sziget Festival a few days ago.

Explaining the title: BÚZADARA (hungarian) = GRITS
Curious for the word in Nigerian languages...

No discography, as far as I know this is their first musical production, they have some more videos at their youtube page.
Here's an interview with the boys in Nigerian/English with Hungarian subtitles.

quote: "I think that somebody, who writes racist comments, isn't leading a happy life"

PS: happy to see back in blogosphere LIKEMBE!!


  1. Isn't it wonderful when somebody hijacks your comments to sell their crap, and doesn't even show they listened to whatever you were discussing?

    Hungarians, when not in a heavy nationalist frame (as they are right now) tend to be very big on music from a range of cultures. When my wife and I were in Kecskemet about 5 years ago when got a private tour from a musician who more or less takes care of a closed instrument museum--fascinating stuff. As it happened, he was also one of the sidemen in a now-disbanded Irish band headquartered in Budapest, Fianna. Their album "The Wind That Shakes the Paprika" is very worth listening to, as they form Irish sets on several cuts out of Balkan tunes. Great stuff.

    1. Have some more music from Hungary and surroundings, doesn't seem to be so popular with the visitors of Mangue Music. Might post some in the future...