Tuesday, 25 April 2017

VA-Everyone's World from Andy Kershaw

As a follow-up to previous posts about John Peel, it seems a nice idea to remember his death exactly 12.5 years ago with a similar post put together from recordings from Andy Kershaw's show on BBC Radio 1. They were real pals, shared the office and for some time their radiohsows were directly behind each other (first Kershaw followed by Peel, including sometimes humorous handing overs in between the shows).
Andy Kershaw and John Peel having a picnic - source: ipswichstar
(together they shared a cramped, chaotic office for 12 years)

VA-KERSHAW's Everyone's World

  • Cheb Khaled - Hada Raykoum (ALGERIA)
  • Four Brothers - Mukadzi Wepiri (ZIMBABWE)
  • Freddy de Majunga et Master Mwana Congo - Vien Dance (CONGO)
  • Youssou N'dour - Live TV (SENEGAL)
  • Sadio Kouyate - Madiou Bana (MALI) - more at wrldsrv
  • Alan Namoko and Chimvu Jazz - Chibali (MALAWI)
  • Kade Diawara - Bele Bele (GUINEE)
  • Modibo Kone - Njanjaran Fole (IVORY COAST MALI)
  • Blama Guita Brahima Guitar* - Djembena Jarabela Jon Bena Djarabíla (GUINEE IVORY COAST)
  • Modibo Kone - Sigi Kadjo (IVORY COAST MALI)
  • Sexteto Munamar - Vengan Vengan (CUBA)
  • Franco et OK Jazz - Cha Cha Cha (CONGO)
  • Ambassadeur International - Saly (MALI)
  • Gueatan System - Zolo (IVORY COAST) incl.talk about natari
  • Madinda Solo (UGANDA)
  • Dembo Konte & Kausu Kuyateh - Kairaba Jabi (GAMBIA/SENEGAL)
Tracks in order of broadcasting, most from local K7s and incl.interesting talk by Andy Kershaw
Note:* who knows more (anything at all) about the mysterious Blama Guita, please leave info in the comments

UPDATE - Corrections and additional info from NGONI comments:
Blama Guita = Brahima Guitar (from Ivory Coast), found two album by him (both without the posted song):

Enjoy the Show, and don't forget:
'Everybody is from this World,
and the World is Everyone's'


  1. Happy memories of happy evening listening to BBC Radio 1. Merci!!

  2. yep, nice collection there. Awesome Tapes From Andy...

  3. Today I was lucky, after hearing several times the voice of the announcer, I have managed to discover what can interpret an English-speaking reading in French, and now I know the mysterious song of 'Blama Guitar' clue.
    He is an artist of Ivory Coast called Brahima Guitare, the title must be "Jon bena djarabíla" a song of love, but in the international edition of his album 'Lanaya' the title is simply Djarabí.
    I will come back to comment on other titles.

    1. Thanks NGONI!!
      Found the album on deezer, Djarabi there is same song but another version. Probably from K7 out of Guinee (as that's clearly said By Kershaw)
      Found another K7 from Brahima Guitar on awesometapes: http://www.awesometapes.com/brahima-guitar-tchilla/ , this one is less guitar and with accordion (could this be related to Zagazougou somehow?)

    2. Yes,kershaw talk about a white labelcassette(pirate?), Indeed in Lanaya is a different recording, the date of publication is 1996, probably an album resuming success.
      About Zagazougou and the album of ATFA I do not know anything, I do not like the accordion, I do not usually listen to that.
      Two other data: it can be found in wrlsrvice the complete album of Sadio Kouyaté.
      Modibo Koné does not seem to be from Ivory Coast, the two songs have Bamana rhythm, especially Nanjaranjan dedicated to Madou Doumbia,that talks about the Nyangaran Foli, the dance of the brave Bamana hunters, men who killed a lion, surely Koné is from Mali, although there are many Koné among the Djoula of Ivory Coast, they would not do these Bambara rhythms.

  4. Hello all!

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