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John Chibadura - 1991.Aug.08 - BBC Radio 1 Session

At the end of last year around the time of the happenings in Zimbabwe I was thinking about posting (again), well didn't come to it then, and only restarted a little later during the Christmas period.

John Chibadura (left) with Bata “Manyowa” Sinoio (source: thestandard)
Therefore now finally (again) a post with music from Zimbabwe. Last year was posted John Chibadura & Tembo Brothers' one and only Peel Session from 1989, this time a BBC session from 2 years later. Most likely it's a session recorded for Andy Kershaw, that would be their 2nd session for his show, but couldn't find anywhere full confirmation of this.

For biography and discography of John Chibadura visit the mentioned previous post.

Listen to the first song from his 1989 Peel Session

CHIBADURA-JOHN-19910808_Kershaw Session BBC

BBC Radio1 Session recorded 1991.Aug.08 (for Andy Kershaw?!?), unknown
tracklist: 1.Kunatsa Hama / 2.Lovemore / 3.Hosana / 4.Zuva Refuka
source: repeat 2017.Aug.16 in BBC 6music Live Hour

More about John Chibadura & Tembo Brothers: 

  • My Music: Andy Kershaw
    Question: What is the best record you have ever bought on impulse?
    Kershaw: John Chibadura's $5000.
  • Andy Kershaw: "There isn't a guitarist in the West fit to fondle the plectrums of these guys [guitarists from Zimbabwe]." 
  • Andy Kershaw about John Chibadura in his book "No Off Switch - chapter 31 - Andy & Biggie in Zimbabwe" -  page 280/281
  • "John Chibadura & the Tembo Brothers" (tribute at Feile Africa
  • "On the road with John Chibadura" (2017.Aug.27, The Standard)


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