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Dr.Oloh & His Milo Jazz Band - Peel Session 1991.Oct.10

Just before the weekend I catched the flue (or the flue catched me). So wasn't able nor feeling for posting some more music. Now in the last days of getting better started checking other blogs and the lastest entry on Wallahi Le Zein! gave me the idea for this post.

Short bio from wiki
Israel Olorunfeh Cole, commonly known by his stage name Dr. Oloh, was born on 1944 March 20 in the mountain village of Leicester, near Freetown in the Western Area of Sierra Leone to a Nigerian mother and a Creole father. He was a Sierra Leonean afropop and Jazz musician and led a band known as Milo Jazz. Dr Oloh is widely considered as one of the biggest musicians from Sierra Leone. His hit singles were very popular in Sierra Leone in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s. He was awarded the OR (Order of Rokel) by the Sierra Leonean Government in 1989. Dr.Oloh and his band toured the UK a couple of times, during those tours they recorded several sessions for BBC Radio (for sure 2-times for John Peel; and may be for Andy Kershaw). Dr.Oloh died 2007 October 13 after a short illness.

Extended Biographies and tributes to Dr.Oloh (after his death in 2007) - standardtimespressawokothepatrioticvanguard (republished 2017.Feb)

Listen to a track from Peel Session #2 (rec.1992.Sep.03)

DR OLOH 19911010 Peel Session BBC

Peel Session #1 rec.1991.Oct.10 - bc.1991.Nov.09 - rpt.1991.Dec.29
tracklist: 1.Cobbah Me* / 2.Yawohammi* / 3.Aleluyah Tumbay* / 4.Ajuba*
source: recording of 1991.Dec.29 BBC Radio 1 John Peel Show (full session)
stream of repeat 2017.Oct.10 BBC 6music - Live Hour (tracks 1/3/4)

Line-up: Mohammed Dean - tempo bass drum, backing vocals / Mohammed Kamara - bass drums, backing vocals) / Abdul Bangura - bass drums, backing vocals / Sineh Konika - lead drums / Brima Kamara - tenor drums / Alie Kamara - triangles, backing vocals / Dr.Oloh - lead vocals

Bonustrack: 3.Balua of Peel Session #2 (rec.1992.Sep.03)

More about Dr Oloh & His Milo Jazz Band


"il faut me pardonner - you must forgive me"

Pap Djah's last words before left on his own in the Sahara desert (in Niger)

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