Monday, 31 December 2018

Arby Khaira 2018.April interview Bamako - Sahara VPRO [video]

For today, in my humble opinion, the most boring one in 12 months, no audio, but video upload to enjoy [and remember Khaira Arby]

Interview with Khaira Arby made around 2018.April in Bamako
[note: Khaira Arby died, aged 58, 2018.Aug.19 in Bamako]
This is part of the brilliant Sahara series made by Bram Vermeulen for VPRO, in which he travelled from the west coast of Mauretania through Mali, Niger all the way to the east coast of Sudan. Chad wasn't visited and flown over, because it was too dangerous there.
Though there is very little local music in the series, like Khaira Arby, it's HIGHLY recommended by us here from Pays de Mangues.
The series is made for Dutch television, but most of the language spoken is French and English, only sometimes some Dutch or local language, so pretty easy to follow for non-Dutch speakers.

Full info about the series at (incl.links to watch the
individual parts: 1.Mauritania / 2.Mali / 3.Niger - Zinder / 4.Niger - Agadez / 5.Sudan)

PS: sometimes the sound (in the VPRO player) is doubled, my solution is to switch the sound in the player off, the 2nd sound remains and is synchrone with the pictures

And now that we're playing with videos, two playlists for you to enjoy

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  1. Thank you very much for remembering Khaira Arby and Kassé Mady Diabaté, a great loss, but there is another great baobab that left us in 2018, our beloved Zoumana Tereta.

    I want to propose other four videos of our beloved musicians.

    And a sweet farewell from the country of manges.

    1. merci beaucoup!
      added a playlist link with your videos to the post