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Kiran Ahluwalia & Souad Massi - 2018.Apr.19 KEXP Session

And now let's go to some other parts on other globe, like the two ladies did cq.had to do also. Kiran Ahluwalia born in India, moved first to Canada and now living in New York; Souad Massi born in Algeria, after death threats (because of playing in the political rock band Atakor) left the country and settled in Paris, France.
Kiran Ahluwalia & Souad Massi - 2018.April, Seattle (from facebook)


An eclectic celebration of love and diversity through music and dance.
Throughout the ages people have struggled to extend the love and respect offered to those familiar to us to others who are different and unknown - to minorities, immigrants, refugees and other vulnerable members of society. Artists, musicians, and religious and civil leaders alike have all advocated variations of the theme "Love your neighbor" or "Welcome The Stranger." This call to acknowledge the common humanity of all people - and by extension their individual human rights - is a founding principle of modern society.
Kiran Ahluwalia’s LOVEfest combines the talents of sacred and secular artists from both Muslim and Sikh traditions (two communities currently experiencing an alarming rise in hate crimes). Featuring the passionate vocals of Kiran Ahluwalia (from India), inspired Arabic songwriting of Souad Massi (Algeria), combined with traditional Sikh temple singers (here for the first time on the concert stage) and the colorful whirling of Egyptian Tanoura Sufi dancers, LOVEfest illuminates a diverse world of cultural artistic expression; offering performers and audiences alike an opportunity to "Welcome The Stranger."
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Listen to Kiran and Souad performing Deb (written by Souad)

AHLUWALIA & MASSI - 20180419 Session KEXP

Kiran Ahluwalia & Souad Massi - 2018.Apr.19 KEXP Session
Kiran Ahluwalia: DJ intro / 1.Khafa - Up In Arms / interview / 2.Saat - Seven / interview
Souad Massi: 3.Hayati / interview / 4.Amessa / interview
Ahluwalia & Massi: 5.Deb / DJ outro
bc.2018.Apr.19 in Wo' Pop at KEXP
i know this session is listenable at KEXP and upped on it's youtube channel, but I like this so much that it deserves a separate posting here in Mango Land!

So far they only played together for about a month in the US, I hope that their LOVEfest will go all over the world, and especially those places where it is mostly needed!
Like in Yemen, East-Ukraine & Syria, after peace is agreed between the fighting parties; in Hungary currently under the yoke of xenophobia spread by potential dictator Orban; etc...

Profiter de la musique!
Always EAT them RAW!!!

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