Sunday, 22 May 2016

Ibro Diabaté - Allah Nana (K7, 1994)

Referring to the, return at last, post by WrldSrv with a compilation K7 from 1991, and the discussion about the artists, I present to you the famous debut K7 by Ibro Diabate.
Bought this one in 1993/94 in Guinee, you could hear the first song 'L'Islam' all over Conakry, as it was the big big hit of that time.

Originally I wasn't planning to post this K7, as I thought I had seen it posted elsewhere before (awesometapes?), but as I couldn't find it anymore and reading the discussion between WrldSrv and NGONI, decided to present it here for your pleasure.

About Ibro Diabate (source: facebook)

Born in 1966, Ibro Diabate is one of the most prolific and successful musician from guinea. He is also the most charismatic and contreversed of them! He hailed from the sea coast city of Boke. In 1981, he left for Conakry to persue his musical career. He started playing in weddings. His name became a household name in Guinea when he released his first album Alla Nana. Ever since then he has enjoyed tremedous success in Guinea and on the international scene. He is a guitar and kora player. He sings most of his songs in sousou language or in his ethnic group Jakhanké.
Some more short background available at musiques-afrique.

In the beginning of this years there were rumours in the Guinean news sources about Ibro having died, but immediately were clarified to be untrue by Ibro himself.

Listen to L'Islam

DIABATE-IBRO-1994-K7_Allah Nana

tracklist: a1.L'Islam / a2.Gate / a3.Womama / a4.Lilah / a5.Kenenyi // b1.Nidari / b2.Kolisokho / b3.Seydouba / b4.Allah Nana / b5.Kenenyi (instrumental)
notes: recorded at studio Harry Son in Paris / arrangements Boncana Maiga / produced in Canada (!?!)


1994: Allah Nana (K7, Production Gris-Gris #RB.001)
1997: Eh! Wotan (CD, Sonodisc #CDS.7018)
1999: Affaires (K7, Sonodisc) reissued as "M Maloloe"
2001: VA-Les Leaders de la Guinée (CD?, Syllart) 2 tracks
2003: Esclave de l'Argent (CD/K7, Syllart)
2006: Kéré Wali Gbaka (Amacif Prod.)
201?: Déranger pour Arranger (release date not clear, album already mentioned in articles from 2010, but in 2016 still mentioned as his new album)
New (?) song posted a month ago on youtube: General Sékouba Konaté ( wiki)

In the RTG Syliphone archives there are also some recordings by Ibro (probably mid/late 1980s recordings):
Syliphone4-747: 1.Tore / 2.Foya / 3.Womama / 4.Nidari / 5.Lila (all with acoustic backing)
and Syliphone4-079-07: 7.Tore (with organ accompaniment)

My wish: recordings of the songs of this K7 recorded in the acoustic setting of the first 5 songs in the RTG archives!!!


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