Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Tinariwen 2001.Nov.13 - Momo's London

Ordering all music, noticed that of one of the 'styles' I really like, I hadn't posted any yet: Touareg - Tamasheq music. I first heard this music on the international debut release of Tinariwen and was immediately hooked.

Their guitar motivs, rhythms and vocals/chants give you this slowly forward moving circling feeling, like riding a camel, up two steps forward, than down one step back, again up two forward, down one back, and so on....
Now many years later, they are well known internationally and, despite the problems on their home soil, still going strong. Many other musicians from the Sahara are inspired by them and invited to perform all over our globe. One thing they all seem to have in commen, that longing to return home to their dry desert soil.

So as a opening post for the 'Tamasheq' music, I present you the oldest live recording I have, Tinariwen in the autumn of 2001 in Momo's London. Unfortunately I couldn't identify all tracks (to my ears they don't match the setlist mentioned by Andy Kershaw), so all help from you is welcome to get the correct titles.

Listen to the first track

TINARIWEN 20011113 - Momo's London BBC

tracks: 1.Amassakoul 'n' Tenere / 2.?? / 3.?? / 4.??
bc: 2002.Feb.08 - Andy Kershaw - BBC Radio 3
(setlist acc.outro by Andy Kershaw: ??Assouf / Amassakoul / Chatma / Afours Afours??, but couldn't match titles with tracks, all help welcome.....)
bonustracks (from early releases*): A l'Histoire - avec El Keltoum (1992) / Matadjam Anmiksan (1992) / Attaye (1993) / Mano Dayak (1999 live)

Tinariwen - Discography

1992: Ténéré - Abidjan 1992* (K7, self release)
1993: Ténéré - Bamako 1993* (K7, self release) - listen 1st track
2001: The Radio Tisdas sessions (CD, IRL/Triban Union)
2003/04: VA-Le Festival Au Désert (CD, Triban Union) (DVD, Wrasse Records)
2004: Amassakoul (CD, Triban Union)
2006: Aman Iman (CD, Independiente)
2008: Live In London (DVD, Independiente)
2009: Imidiwan - Companions (CD, Independiente)
2009: Azawad - Live 1999 (digital only release, Re-aktion) - at bandcamp
          some tracks previously on "VA-Les Nuits Toucouleurs 99"* (promo)
2009: iTunes Live - London Festival '09 (digital release only, Independiente)
2011: Tassili (CD, V2/Anti-)
2011: Live At Bouffes Du Nord (free digital download only, The Guardian)
2014: Emmaar (CD/2LP, Wedge/Anti-)
2014: Inside/outside Joshua Tree Acoustic Sessions (12" EP, Wedge)
2015: Live In Paris (CD/2LP, Wedge/Anti-) feat.Lalla Badi
*some tracks could be listened at now closed ( download)

Final question: do

trees grow in the Sahara Desert??


  1. Thanks for Tinariwen, they sure deserve a place here. Inspiration for the "new wave" of tuareg rockers which have emerged lately. Seen them a dozen times over the years I believe, shame Ibrahim is no longer touring lately but the vibes are always great.

    Favourite track here is certainly the reggaeish/poppish early version of Matadjem Yinmixan...

  2. Hi !! Thanks For Your Blog...
    I Know That you're Searching The First K7 Of Tinariwen
    I Have Just The Second One, Tenere- Bamako
    All Discography & Bootlegs Available Here :

    See you !!