Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Papa Wemba remembered more (1999, live in Germany)

Just catched this Homage to Papa Wemba broadcasted on Funkhaus Europa - World Live, every day in the week at 23hr. Live Global Popmusic.
Previous day's broadcast you can listen on the LOOP, note that start is not at beginning of program but at the point where the loop is at that very moment.

Well last monday (May.02) they remembered the late Papa Wemba with a broadcast:

"GOOGLE translation (DE=>EN): Papa Wemba RIP - 2016.May.02 - King of Soukous
The King of Soukous and Congolese rumba is dead: Papa Wemba broke on April 24 in Abidjan on stage together. Now the world mourns Africa superstar. The national hero with the "magic touch" was one of the first international African Global Pop Heroes!
Papa Wemba was only 66 years old. The death of one of the most popular musicians of Africa was unexpected and much too early. The brilliant singer and bandleader with the high voice still had a lot going on: build schools in his country, fight child poverty, support as a mentor to the music scene. Since the 60s, the stylish all-rounder commuted in various formations between Kinshasa and Paris. With bands like Yoka Lokole or Viva La Musica. The Congolese superstar brought one of the first global pop stars the Soukous on the international stages: a fusion of Highlife, Afro-Cuban Rumba and West and Central African roots music. The ultimate breakthrough Papa Wemba with his "Emotion Album" at Peter Gabriel's Real World label in 1995: because there was more than 100,000 copies sold! Because he had helped African immigrants to enter France, the Congolese national hero arrived in France in 2004 even short jail.
Recorded in 1999.January, Bielefeld, Hechelei"
Note MANGUE: date not sure, in program is said 1999.September!!


setlist: 1.Shofele / 2.Espelo / 3.Sakana / 4.Bakwetu / 5.unknown title / 6.Yolele / 7.N´Fono Yami / 8.Awa Yókeyi / 9.Excuse Me / 10.Zero / 11.Oldies Are Oldies / 12.Maria Valencia (cut, end of program)

Note: unknow tracknr.5 has text "Yesu A PaPa, Buka Lenge ...", also Papa Wemba sayd something funny in between as the singers started laughing
Anybody here understand what it's about?

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