Saturday, 24 September 2016

Various Guinee from K7s

Originally I started with a compilation K7 from Guinee, so let's continue with more from that country with tracks by various artists issued on local K7s.

my favourite postcard ever - Danseur Acrobate Peul (1993, Guinee)

In 2006 the ConcertZender radiostation broadcasted a K7 only show about Guinee, I could catch the stream. Have listened to it many times, while trying to gather background info about the artists presented. Well unfortunately there isn't too much on the global interweb, so in this post give you everything I know.

Listen to Sona Tata Conde - Mama Rose (K7)


Full tracklist:

01.Fatima Kandia Sylla - Bomboe (unknown K7) - no info some minimal info
      acc.comments from NGONI and on YT she has died (several years ago);
      to remember her two other lovely tracks: Béréboré / Sabar (rec.source unknown)
02.Kaniba Ouele Kouyate - N'lalila (unknown K7) - two K7s listed at natari
      born in Niagassola, Guinee, now living in Mali;
      her father is the caretaker of authentic mythical balafon of Soumaouro Kanté
      more info in the book Mande Music pg.144-145 (and note 77)
03.Kerfala Kante - AJ VD (1996, K7, Fara Fina) - bio at musiques-afrique
      former member of Tropical Djoli Band, solo since 1992 with 'L'Oiseau de Sankara' K7
04.Papa Diabate - Moussolou (K7, Mossolou) - no info
05.Sona Tata Conde - Mama Rose (K7, Wara Soneya) - short bio at wikipedia
06.Sona Tata Conde - Djeneba (K7, Wara Soneya) -  old info from radio-kankan
07.Sekouba Fatako Kouyate - Kosida Boko Ala (K7, Guigol Djama)
      one of the singers on 'Les Leaders de la Guinée - Various Artists' (2001, CD, Syllart #96125)
      died 2011.Jul.10 in Labe, see 
08.Yaya El Bangou - Dicko (2000, K7, Wo Koberato!!!) - no info
09.Les Espoirs de Coronthie - Bombo Naturelle (2002, K7, Patriote) - bio at musiques-afrique
10.Les Espoirs de Coronthie - Arabama  (2002, K7, Patriote) - their facebook page
      tracks not on detail discography, so must be from debut "Patriote" (2002, K7, self produced)
      hugely popular with their "tradi-moderne" music, hailing from Coronthie district of Conakry
11.Aminata Kamissoko - Ambition (K7, Ambition) - acc.rootsworld from Mali

NOTE: also played Ibro Diabate with L'Islam, NOT included here as previously posted on manguemusic see ibro-diabate-allah-nana-k7-1994

Profiter de la musique! Toujours MANGER


PS: same radio station did similar K7 only shows about other African countries....
....and if anybody knows more, has info, about artists and/or K7s, please comment....


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  2. Thank you very much for the complación, it hurts looking for more music of Fatima Kandia Sylla on youtube, I discovered that has died.
    I can't provide much more information other than that Kaniba Oulé Kouyaté is Malien, born Niagassola, his father is the caretaker of authentic mythical balafon of Soumaouro Kanté.

  3. =>NGONI
    Thanks included the info in the post.
    Really interested in the K7 from Fatima Kandia Sylla, if anybody has more than what's on youtube, please leave your comments.....

  4. I love this, keep up the good work.