Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Oumou Sangaré - 2009.Apr.22 - BBC Session

As promised some more Music from Mali recorded by the BBC.
Oumou Sangare 2009.Apr.24 at Later... with Jools (BBC TV)
Sessions by Oumou Sangare in early 2009 for the promotion of her album 'Seya'.

Listen to Sounsoumba (session)

SANGARE-20090422 - Session 6music BBC

BBC 6music Session, 2009.Apr.22: 1.Donso / 2.Mogakele / 3.Sounsoumba
source: repeat 2017.Apr.22 BBC 6music - Live Hour
really like these stripped down versions.......

BBC TV - Later... with Jools, 2009.Apr.24: 1.Sounsoumba / 2.Seya
source: video of the show (ZDF rebroadcast)

And when searching the BBC for more details about the 6music session, which btw I couldn't find, I came across a 1991 radio program with an interview with 'Malian Singer Oumous Sangari'(sic). In that same show was also an interview with 'Griot singer Fanta Damba', included both in the download.

For the discography check this previous post about Oumou Sangare.

Watch some recent performances:

Looking forward for the new album, to be released in May............


  1. Thanks for Oumou.
    Gotta go check that special World Routes episode where Oumou and Lucy Duran visited Donso country in Mali...
    incidentally, I've just noticed that beautiful back up singer on the complete right in that Later with...pic, I'm sure you recognize her...

    1. Right on!!
      Made a post about her (after she's gone solo) about a year ago....

      You're comment made me look for that 2003 BBC radio special, and listening now.....
      might post it in the future (if there's interest in it)

  2. Today by chance I discovered this post that had download, but had forgotten to listen.
    Interesting, but the better thing, to have listened to Fanta Damba's wonderful voice, and also to discover Oumou's favorite song Woula Bara Diagna.
    As that something gives, something receives, I have something to give you you, an unpublished version of OUMOU's favorite song.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks NGONI, just restarted the blog (finally) and found this wonderful surprise from you.
      Oumou with a song from her first K7, still my favourite!! From a 1993 TV broadcast (10 years ORTM)