Sunday, 23 April 2017

Tinariwen - 2017.Mar.07 Live in Liverpool

Quick post.

Tinariwen 2017.Mar.07 (source:
Just found that the concert by Tinariwen 2017.Mar.07 at the Invisible Wind Factory in Liverpool can be listened to for about a month at the BBC Radio 3 Website (till 2017.May.21).

Here it's available: World on 3 (2017.Apr.21)

The page includes full setlist and some background info, before the show itself there is a good introduction by Andy Morgan (former manager of Tinariwen).

ENJOY!! Recommended while eating a fresh one!!

PS1: when the show can not be listened to anymore on the BBC site, I'll post the full concert, incl.interesting talk, here at Mangue Music (similar like Orchestra Baobab earlier)
PS2: soon to follow more/other Malian Music from the BBC


  1. I'm probably repeating myself but I was very happy to attend the very first gig of the current Elwan Tour in Zuerich. It was my 12th Tinariwen show and I was especially pleased to see Ibrahim Braybone back on the road with them. I am thinking of attending their mointreux show this july. I wouldn't be surprised if some special guest would show up on that stage.

  2. Hoping you'll upload the full concert as mentioned back in April, I haven't been able to find a copy anywhere! Thanks for the great stuff!

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  4. hoping you will post full concert. its no longer available at the bbc link. love everything on your site.
    a tonic for these times