Sunday, 14 February 2016

Tour of Africa 1 (from Algeria to Nigeria)

OK, now let's make a "Tour of Africa", a sound trip all around the continent.
Tour of Africa - stage 1 to 9 - from Algeria to Nigeria
start is near the Mediterranean listening to pop rai with fantastic trumpet sounds
ALGERIA: Bellemou & Gana El Maghnaoui - Milouda
down the Atlantic coast for marvelous drumming speeding up at the end
MOROCCO: Gnawa Musicians of Marrakesh - Baba L'Rouami
inland through the Sahara subtle swinging with the great singer from Mali singing her love
MALI: Oumou Sangaré - Ah Ndiya
heading westwards to the banks of the Senegal river for a fantastic interpretation of a traditional
SENEGAL: Baaba Maal - Mariama
a little south to Dakar listening to the liquid voice of mbalax singing about Africa and some famous leaders
SENEGAL: Youssou N’Dour - Fakastalu
down along the coast for some folkmusic made on the streets of Freetown
SIERA LEONE: Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto - Rokoto Frenzy (excerpt)
continuing south-east for a drumfull accordeon coup on the way to Abidjan
IVORY COAST: Le Zagazougou - Allah Ma Diana
going inlands wistling with the flutes and moving with the drums to reach Bobo-Dioulasso
BURKINA FASO: Farafina - Lanaya
under the swinging sounds of Afro-Juju to Ogun State in western Nigeria to enjoy a well deserved rest day
NIGERIA: Sir Shina Peters - Omo Mbo / Omo Lere Aiye / etc (medley)
-- rest day -- end of K7 side A --

VA-AFRICA_Tour of Africa N-W-S-E (side A)

some background info to read on the rest day:
Made this tape in the 90s based on the compilation "Africa Never Stand Still" (1994, 3CD). Found the track order to jumpy around, so made my own selection of the tracks I liked most and ordered them like a musical tour through the continent. Still really love this tape, really feels like travelling around, meeting musicians, all with their own musical style, and feeling the different flows. Now it's here for you, enjoy the Tour of Africa!!!
PS: no cutting of tracks, so one continuous trip! (to be continued.....)

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