Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Mama Diabate - La Biche du Manding (1993, K7)

Hello, back again after some trouble with my cassette player. It didn't work at all, first thought some electrical problem, but finally after opening it, it appeared that the "belt" was of the wheels. So put it back on it's place closed the player and happily everything's working like it should be!!
Now here's another K7 from Guinee by Mama Diabate, La Biche du Manding. To avoid any misunderstanding and for all of you, who like me don't speak french, "la biche" means "hind" (female deer).
Mama Diabate - La Biche du Manding (1993, K7, #AMC011)
Couldn't find a lot of info about our singing "Hind":
Mama Diabate is a Guinean multi-instrumentaliste, born in Bagna in the region of Faranah (see Kerfala Kante). In 1970 Mama Diabate began playing the music we called Sankaran kono (Bird Sankaran). She is the only woman and the only musician artist to be able to play six traditional instruments, among others: bolon, kora, doundoun, dan, balafon, djembe and guitar. She played with the Horoya Band de Kankan and later went solo. She also has performed together with her sisters, Sona and Sayon, as Les Soeurs Diabate, in 2000 they played at the Afrika Festival in Hertme.

Bought this K7 in the early 2000s not in Guinee, but in a 2nd hand shop here in the neighbourhood, and despite the not so acoustic backing really like it.

Here (again) the live recording from the sisters at the Afrika Festival:
Mama, Sayon & Sona Diabate - 2000 live in Hertme

Short discography:
*La Biche du Manding (1993, K7, #AMC011)
issued in 1995 on CD as: Mama Diabate - Koffi Cola Nâ Yo (1995, CD, #pam.oa.205) with different trackorder
*Nambiyo (1994?, K7, AMC #BDGA.9408) (find it here)
*N'na Niwalé (1995, CD) (see comment by NGONI, 2016.Feb.27)
*Les Soeurs Diabate - Donkili Diarabi (Guinean Lovesongs) (2002, CD, #pam.406)
*A Dèdyn (2003, CD/iTunes)

MAMA DIABATE - La Biche du Manding (1993, K7, AMC011)

a1.Koffi Cola / a2.Djouya / a3.Congben //
b1.Moo Gnoumaba / b2.Yeye Nina / b3.Sabou

And as popular african music informs us: the title track does not advertise a certain soft drink but strongly condemms polygamy, recorded 1993 February in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Enjoy the Sounds of the Hind!!


  1. Thank you for these precious fruits, all look very juicy and I collect, I hope to soon find time to listen, and comment whatsoever.

  2. Ah, NGONI, honoured to read you're hungry for manguetic sounds, looking forward for your well informed comments!

  3. I think N'na Niwalé is the Manfila Kanté album, where choirs of Diabaté sisters, but this is not an album of Mama Diabaté.

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    2. Think you're right, don't know the source where I got the info from, so I'll take it out of the list.