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Youssou no XIPPI but LIVE (1992)

Had in mind to jump over the border into Senegal and post one of the XIPPI K7s of Youssou N'Dour, bought the first one in Senegal in 1992 and the second in 1993/94 in Guinee.
Remember that when listening for the first time to No.1, I was a little disappointed, mostly because of less percussion and some of the lyrics being in English. But after more playing came to the notion that in whatever language the vocals the music is great. And actually some of the lyrics were and still are very good also, at least the English ones, as I still don't speak nor understand Wolof. For example in The Same (Benela) from No.2 Youssou sings about music (reggea, rumba, r&b, etc) and people all around the world being "The Same", "everybody has a heart", everybody gets the feeling".
That's a still and always will stay very valid statement, especially in these times of "Refugee Crisis", where too much is spoken about REDUCING the NUMBERS, while reality is kept silent: refugees are PEOPLE having to leave their HOMES in order to be able to LIVE a decent LIFE!!

Youssou N'Dour at Glastonbury 1992.Jun.28    Glastonbury 1992 Poster
Preparing the XIPPI post, found out that both K7s are already posted elsewhere and also still available (links at bottom of this post). So decided to post something else from Youssou.

Some time ago I could catch from Dutch radio a live concert from Youssou at the UK Glastonbury Festival in 1992, which is the same year as the K7s, so nicely fits together. He played first 4 songs from XIPPI, then contined with some older ones and a duet with Peter Gabriel. It's a concert at a western pop festival, where his Mbalax music is received by a very enthousiatic crowd, so anybody thinking about complaining for the music being "less African", please listen to and try to understand Youssou in "The Same" from XIPPI No.2!!

Youssou N'Dour - Fital (1992.Jul.28 at Glastonbury)

Youssou N'Dour & Super Etoile de Dakar - 1992.Jun.28 Glastonbury Festival

setlist: 1.Fital - Useless Weapens / 2.Marie-Madeleine La Saint-Louisienne / 3.Country Boy / 4.Demb - Africa Remembers / 5.Shakin' The Tree / 6.Set / 7.Toxique / 8.Yo Le Le / 9.Nelson Mandela

XIPPI No.1 (1991, K7)    XIPPI No.2 (1992, K7)
PS: here find the links to the XIPPI posts
*XIPPI No.1:
*XIPPI No.2:
In my live download I also included a comparison between the two local XIPPI K7s and the international CD Eyes Open, for which all tracks from K7s were remixed. Made this comparison a longtime ago when thinking about buying the CD, which I didn't do because I had all tracks (OK, except one) already on my Senegalese K7s.

Enjoy Youssou's Mbalax Manguetically LIVE!!!!

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