Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tour of Africa 2 (from Nigeria to Ethiopia)

OK, after a good days rest, lets continue the Tour of Africa
Mangue's Tour of Africa - stage 10 to 19 - from Nigeria to Ethiopia
first we go inland swinging towards the most delicious Fuji garbage
NIGERIA: Ch.Dr.Sikiru Ayinde Barrister - Refined Fuji Garbage (excerpt)
then south east direction to greet the guitaristic Congolese rumba
CONGO: Aurlus Mabele & Loketo - Rosine
continue with some more and sweeter soukous
ZAIRE/CONGO: Papa Wemba - M'Fono Yami
a long stage down to the urban mbaqanga sounds in Joburg
SOUTH-AFRICA: Soul Brothers - Bayeza
turn northward for the musical mbira queen of the Shona people
ZIMBABWE: Stella Chiweshe & the Earthquake - Sawura Wako
now south east towards the break dancing marrabenta at the Pacific beaches
MOZAMBIQUE: Dulce & Orch.Marrabenta Star - Tsiketa Kuni Barassara
up along the Pacific for the laid back swinging ubongo beat
TANZANIA: Remmy Ongala & Super Matimila - Kipenda Roho
with handclapping taarab sounds to attend a wedding at the Tanzanian/Kenian border
TANZANIA: Zuhura Swaleh with Maulidi Music Party - Jino la Pembe
a big leap north into the Sahara sand for rhythmical swing with orchestral arabic melodies
SUDAN: Abdel Gadir Salim All-Stars - Bassama
the last stage up the Abyssinian plateau with tinkling strings of the krar
ETHIOPIA: Seleshe Damessae - Worio Wata
finish at Meskel Square in Addis Ababa

VA-AFRICA_Tour of Africa N-W-S-E (side B)

background info to read on the rest day: see part 1
in download full tracklist of original ANSS box, so you can see what I left out
everybody liking this concept, feel free to organize another route for the next Tour of Africa!

PS: no cutting of tracks, so one continuous trip! (in two stage parts)

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