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Abdoulaye Diabaté - 1999.Nov.05 Music Meeting Nijmegen

Years ago I catched from "Radio Nederland - Bureau Afrique" a concert recording in a program called "Paradiso". It was never clear where or when this was recorded, until recently I found info about a recording on, which matched the songs on the unknown live recording I had. So now I can present to you: Abdoulaye Diabate live recorded in 1999 at a festival called "Music Meeting", held every year in Nijmegen, Nederland.

About Abdoulaye Diabate (from the old Music Meeting site, using google translation):
In a society without radio, television and telephone, the griot occupies an important place. He is a messenger of good and bad news. Birth, marriage, meeting, death, war, in the Malian savannahs the griot shares it all orally. The only tool he has is a drum, kora, n'goni or flute. The griot is a symbol of the tradition of the spoken word, of which nothing is recorded on paper, and serves as repository for the collective memory and tradition. He wears the culture, the customs, the history of the country with it in countless songs and stories. He is therefore called the djeli (the blood) of Malian society. You can recognize a djeli by his surname, like Kouyate or Diabate.
Abdoulaye Diabaté (1952) is a descendant of an old and famous djeli family in the Segou region. Father Baba Diabaté was the leader of the griots-Diabaté in Segou. Abdoulaye started singing at the age of eight years, when he went with his mother Assitan Dembelé, one of the best Bambara-singers, along the villages. In 1975 he replaced the singer of Koule Star, then started his professional music career. A year later he joined the Orchestre Régionale de Segou. He founded his own band Kene Star and released over the years, alone or with Kene Star, four albums. Five years ago (ca.1994) Diabaté was named best Malian artist, no small feat in a country where the competition with people like Ali Farka Toure, Habib Koité, Salif Keita and Oumou Sangare is huge. Last year he released his latest CD Bende. On it the singer and percussionist is accompanied by traditional instruments like balafon, flute, n'goni and djembe drums and guitars. Abdoulaye combines the ancient griot function with that of contemporary songwriter. He sings an ode to the leader Adama Diarra or a harvest song, but he calls his compatriots also to understand each other and to love one another. "Understanding leads to joy" is the message of the title track Bende.
Abdoulaye Diabaté [vocals] - Modibo Diabaté  balafon, vocals] - Francois Dembele [djembe] - Issa Samake [guitar] - Safré Coulibaly [guitar] - Yacouba Ballo [guitar] - Zakaryaou Dembele [drums]

Listen to the first track:

DIABATE ABDOULAYE 1999.11.05 - Music Meeting Nijmegen

Setlist: 1.Sissi Koulou / 2.Ngnoko / 3.Seine / 4.Tindro / 5.Beundre / 6.Balani
Corrected setlist (following NGONI's comments - please correct after download!):
1.Sissi Kouloun / 2.Massadjourou / 3.Tendoro song* / 4.Karamokole (Donso-foli rhythm) / 5.Monzon / 6.Tendoro song* (another one) / 7.Balani (faded out)
note: * Tendoro is a rhythm of the Bwa ethnic group, Abdoulaye Diabate orchestra is a specialist in this dance of the Bobo farmers

Discography (main source, incl.updates DOUBLE thanks to NGONI):
198?: Koule Star et Abdoulaye Diabate - Mamou Diallo (K7,#S-017) at wrldsrv
198?: Abdoulaye Diabate et Koule Star - Bobereni (K7, Syllart #8343) at wrldsrv
1988: Abdoulaye Diabate et Koule Star - Massadjourou (K7, Syllart)
1989: Kene Star & A.Diabate - Kassikoun (K7/LP, Syllart) at wrldsrv
1992: Abdoulaye Diabate - Namawou (K7, Syllart #SYL.83135)
1993: Abdoulaye Diabate - Tabalé (K7, Syllart #SYL.83178)
1995: Abdoulaye Diabate - Djiriyo (CD, Syllart-Stern's #STCD.1066) comp.of K7s
1998: Abdoulaye Diabate - Bendé (K7/CD, MALI K7 / Cobalt)
1999: Abdoulaye Diabate - Best Of (K7, MALI K7)
2000: Abdoulaye Diabate - Makan (K7/CD, Syllart)
2002: Abdoulaye Diabate - Samory (CD, Cobalt #09354-2)
2010: Abdoulaye Diabaté & Koutiala - ORTM (CD, Mali K7, live rec.)
2014: Abdoulaye Diabate - Diobaly (interview about album)
note: no known releases between 2002 and 2010

PS: searching for more be aware that there are at least 3 Malian musicians with the name Abdoulaye Diabate!!

Enjoy EATING those RAW!


  1. Abdoulaye Diabaté I never have enough!
    Thanks for the extra contribution!
    After reading the note with the discography you bring in the folder of the concert, I have the feeling that you have not reached this two of the fantastic contributions WorldService.
    The list could be extended with any of the recent albums unpublished outside Mali.
    ORTM (Abdoulaye Diabaté & Koutiala(2010)CD
    I think there is another album of 2014
    By the way Makan was published also on CD (CDS 8853)

    1. Thanks NGONI,
      Checked your wrldsrv links and updated the post(discography).
      Abdoulaye est vraiment Manguetique!!
      Suppose there are more release between 2002 and 2010, do you know any titles?

  2. @mangue
    Now is better, but missing the link to the third gift from WorldService

    The titles of the ORTM(2010 album) can be found in afrisson, mixed in the discography of the three Abdoulaye Diabaté musicians from Mali.

    I'm not sure if there is any other Abdoulaye solo album, the 2014's album has the name of Diobaly.

    1. Even MORE THANKS ngoni!!
      you don't give me a rest with this post, but updating according your comments is done with pleasure!!!

    2. Noticed the track PDG (2010, ORTM), my first reaction was: the Guinean political party? Hm, doubtful!! Searches brought: "Peace and Democratic Governance" (ca.2015/2016) or "le PDG de la CMDT" (whatever that may be)
      Do you know what in 2010 "PDG" meant in Mali?

  3. @mangue
    The album is dedicated to the O.R.T.M., then the song P.D.G (General Director) must be dedicated to Sidiki Konate N'fa, General Director of the ORTM in 2010, and the main organizer of the Sikasso Biennial in that year.

  4. Real name of the songs of this concert of 1999.
    1-Sissi Kouloun
    3-Tendoro, o Tendro is a rhythm of the Bwa ethnic group, Abdoulaye D. orchestra is a specialist in this dance of the Bobo farmers.
    4-Karamokole (Donso-foli rhythm).
    6-ahother Tendoro song.

    1. Thanks even more!!
      Had doubts about the original BARN setlist, corrected following your comments!!

  5. I was in winterthur over the weekend for the Eine Welt festival and sunday was the african day. After Moh! Kouyate, a brilliant young guitar player originally from Guinée, it was the turn of balafon player Mamadou Diabate and his Percussion mania. What a great surprise it was to realize that singing with them on stage was this very Abdoulaye Diabate, introduced by Mamadou as "my father and brother"...who had travelled extra from Paris along with other family members to be part of the show. Keep an eye on, I was told by organizers that they plan to put online some of the music played.

    1. =>doyadig
      Great you could enjoy Abdoulaye really LIVE!! Please comment links to those recordings here, when they become availble to listen to.
      Moh! Kouyate played with Fatoumata Diawara before going solo on his own. Have heard about him, but unfortunately didn't hear any live recordings from him yet.