Thursday, 10 March 2016

Kade Diawara - Djinan Mouso (2003?, K7, #DDU.001)

Recently discovered the Syliphone RTG archive, with an enourmous wealth of Guinean radio recordings (dating mid.60s till mid.80s). Well got a little lost in it, so that's why there was a little bit of silence here.
Kade Diawara - Djinan Mousso (K7)
As a sort of tribute to the archive now another K7 of Kade Diawara, 'the Archangel of Manding', bought this one together with Mama Diabate's K7 in the early 2000s in a 2nd hand shop here in the neighbourhood. According to some infos on the web it should be from ca.2003, and the musical arrangements are done here by Kerfalla Kante aka 'the bird of Sankara'. I rate the music a little under Kade's other K7, but the singing is enormous, Kade's voice is so powerful, she can lift up the whole Fouta Djallon a few meters!!

Listen to: A1 - Djinan Mousso (2003?, K7)

DIAWARA-KADE-2003-K7_Djinan Mousso (DDU001)

tracklist: a1.Djinan Mousso / a2.Assetou Bella / a3.Farakoudou / a4.Gnaman Kante // b1.Lamban / b2.Mone Magni / b3.Mousso Bombe (from natari): Kade, who is known as 'L'archange du Mandingue' is endowed with a tremendously rich and powerful voice which she uses with devastating effect. Recorded in the Ivory Coast at Studio JBZ by Pamphile de Souza the album explodes from the speakers with music in all directions. No matter if you're trying to listen to the lovely sounds of Adama Conde's balafon, Garba Tounkara's n'goni or Amara Kante's cora they are all firmly put in place by the wonderful singing of Kade and chorus girls, Kouta Camara and Maimouna Barry.
(note: don't where he's got this info from, sleeve of my K7 only listed the titles, so may be there are other sleeves with additional infos about recording and musicians)

To get back to the RTG Syliphone archive, you can listen there to the whole "L’Archange du Manding" (1976, LP)", link opens the page of the first track (Bele Bele) and if you click "more" at the related items you'll see and can play all other tracks from the album.
If you're interested searching in the RTG Syliphone Archive using this spreadsheet by Graeme Counsel is very helpful, especially in avoiding to get lost (as I did first time just jumping into it).

Enjoy KADE and the RTG archive EATING them RAW!!!!