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Mahmoud Ahmed - 2005.07.02 Music Meeting

Let's continue with clarified (in.beeldengeluid.nl) unclear "Radio Nederland - Bureau Afrique" catchings, we'll go to the east side of the African continent with Mahmoud Ahmed, who with a guest appearance by Minyeshu perfomed 2005.Jul.02 at (again) the Music Meeting in Nijmegen.

21st Music Meeting 2005.Jul.1-2-3 in Park Brakkenstein, Nijmegen

The most adventurous music festival ever!
Music Meeting, the annual music festival that will take you on a tour around the world. This 21st edition no doubt will be a very special one. This year everyone can enter the festival site without buying en entrance ticket. Enjoy delicious food, a great variaty of drinks and fantastic free concerts. You can also pay a visit to the festivalmarket or to the 7th Mini Meeting with a special programme for the kids. Just for the concerts on the main stage and saturday's party night Club ¡mm...! you will need a ticket.
Saturday Jul.02 - Muts - 22:45 - Mahmoud Ahmed with Minyeshu (Ethiopia)

About Mahmoud Ahmed with guest appearance Minyeshu:
from musicmeeting.nl with google translation:

Despite his age (65 years!), the wonderful, incomparable voice of Mahmoud Ahmed has lost none of its power. On the contrary, it seems like he knows how to put more and more depth in his husky, earthy tones. The captivating stage presence of the Ethiopian and his beautiful songs, mostly deep melancholy, are sometimes unexpectedly funky, still speak directly to the heart, whether you understand the language in which he sings now or not.
During his performance at Music Meeting Mahmoud Ahmed will bring several songs together with Minyeshu and two members of her band Chewata. Young Ethiopian singer Minyeshu, living now in the Netherlands for several years, made ​​a big impression with her European debut CD 'Meba' from 2002. She alternates beautifully produced traditional and popular songs from Ethiopia with her own compositions. With sensitive ballads Mahmoud Ahmed and Minyeshu will carry us to dreamy depths, with their exciting shock shoulder dance they'll bring the audience and each other to new heights.
In 1986 was in fact the first popular Ethiopian music Europe released. In that year appeared on the Belgian label Crammed Discs recordings by Mahmoud Ahmed from the seventies. Out of Ethiopia, the land from which around that time almost exclusively were reports of war and famine heard, particularly since the death of Emperor Haile Selassie (1975), appeared suddenly the most exciting music from around the globe. This cult album, titled Ere Mela Mela, was the catalyst for a real boom of Ethiopian pop music. The French label Buda Musique under the enthusiastic leadership of music collector Francis Falceto specializes in 'Ethiopian groove of bygone decades. Under the name Ethiopiques have been released about twenty compilation CDs full with fierce dance music, 'knoeperharde' wind-orchestras and trance-inducing vocals.
Mahmoud Ahmed - vocals / Grum Mezmur - guitar / Dagmawi Ali - bass / Eyassou Nega - drums / Gultu Tefera - keyboards / Aklilou Wolde-Yohannes - tenor saxophone / Yared Tefera - tenor saxophone / Minyeshu - vocals / Biniam Kindya Berha - krar / Tesfaye Wolde-Yohannes Haile - dance

A comprehensive and informative article about Mahmoud Ahmed at AFROPOP.

2005.Jul.04, OOR, by Pieter Franssen.
On the last day of the second MUSIC MEETING new-style the atmosphere, weather and music were optimal. Such a pleasant atmosphere the organizers probably had in mind, when they last year radically changed their familiar locations and dates. The limitless choice of music in the 'Mutstent' and on the 'Haaipodium' is free to hear anyway, but to see the grin of the still brilliant Ethiopian soul singer MAHMOUD AHMED and his band in classic soul line-up with three saxophones groove, has to be paid for. The voice of the former hotel entertainer still wins in depth and melancholy, but in addition to his regular band, he also gives the spirited Ethiopian singer Minyeshu and three members of Chewata an opportunity, which they use abundantly. The extremely agile dancer Tesfaye excites everyone with his rousing shock shoulder dance and Mahmoud sings his famous Era Mela Mela with a penetrating eloquence as never before.

Listen to the first track:

AHMED MAHMOUD 2005.07.02 Music Meeting Nijmegen

Setlist (found different spellings, so if available Ethiopiques series spelling is used)
1.Atawurulegn Léla / 2.Endénèsh Bèlugen* / 3.Wey Fikir* / 4.Bèlomi Bènna / 5.Lebèsh Kabashen* / 6.Nèy Dènun Tesèsh [feat.Minyeshu] // 8.Erè Mèla Mèla / 9.Lishayer Woy Derra*# / 10.Ashkaru*
notes: *not on Ethiopiques / #original issue unknown

Discography (main source funkfidelity.de):
1972-74: various singles (7", Philips #PH7) reissued on 'Ethiopiques-26'
1973: Almaz Men Eda New (LP, Amha #AELP.80) reissued on 'Ethiopiques-6'
1974: varous singles (7", Amha #AE) reissued on 'Ethiopiques-19'
1974: various singles (7", Mahmoud Ahmed #MA) not reissued
1975: Mahmoud Ahmed (LP, Amha #AELP.100) reissued on 'Ethiopiques-19'
1975: various singles (7", Kaifa #KF) reissued on 'Ethiopiques-7'
1975: Ere Mela Mela (LP, Kaifa #LPKF.20) reissued on 'Ethiopiques-7'
1978: Jeguol Naw Betwa (LP) 2 tracks reissued on 'Ethiopiques-7'
1981: The Best of Walias (LP, US recording) 2 tracks with Mahmoud
1986: Indenesh Beluline (K7)
1989: Titesh (K7)
1992: Mahmoud Ahmed Live in Addis Ababa (K7, AM Shop) at likembe
1997: Live In Paris (CD, Long Distance #3060502)
1997: Soul of Addis (CD, Earthworks #STEW.35.CD)
1998: Slow Collections (CD, Sounds Of Abyssinia ‎#SAC.022)
2003: Yitbarek (CD, Yene Production ‎#77414-2)
1997: Vol.1 - Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music (3 tracks by M.Ahmed)
1998: Vol.3 - Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music (3 tracks by M.Ahmed)
1999: Vol.6 - Almaz (reissue of 1973 LP, incl.add.tracks)
1999: Vol.7 - Ere Mela Mela (reissue of 1975 LP, incl.add.tracks)
1999: Vol.8 - Swinging Addis  (incl.1 track by M.Ahmed)
2002: Vol.10 - Tezeta - Ethiopian Blues & Ballads (incl.1 track by M.Ahmed)
2005: Vol.19 - Altemeye (reissue of 1975 LP, incl.add.tracks)
2010: Vol.26 - Mahmoud Ahmed & Imperial Bodyguard Band (1972-74 singles)

Enjoy EATING those RAW!


  1. Nice blog mangue, thanks a lot for the work. I especially dig the radio broadcast like these last three "Paradiso". I noticed your Andy Kershaw comment in your wish list, I know there's many of those sessions out there I have a few myself though they may prove hard to locate... in case you don't know may I suggest you any of the "World Routes" BBC 3 radio shows hosted by Lucy Duran and/or Andy Kershaw, they are mostly great listening. And should still be available online from BBC sites.

    Concerning Mahmoud, I remember I was so impressed by his voice when I first heard it that I even played Ere Mela on at my own wedding 20+ years ago...

    1. =>doyadig
      Glad you like these, unfortunately can't find more "Paradiso" in my 'archive', but will post more live recordings in the future!!

  2. Thanks very much for the live Mahmoud Ahmed material, as well as all the detail you provide! Just for your information, I live in the Cleveland area in the US. About two hours south of us is Columbus, where there's an Ethiopian diaspora (with several fine restaurants, a market selling spices--we get ours there, etc). The largest of the restaurants was advertising a New Years Eve Party this past December when we were down there, and the guest of honor was Ahmed. Regrettably, for health reasons, we couldn't make it, but I'm delighted to see he's still much in demand.