Monday, 14 March 2016

More from the Segou area....

Searching more info about Abdoulaye Diabate landed on the Festival Segou site, surfing around discovered some new artists from the Segou area. So in case,like me, you haven't met any of these before check them!!!
....... and at the end a new one from a legendary group........

Mariam Kone

"A blend of Mandingo, Fulani and Soninko rhythms"

More about and from Mariam Kone:

Orchestre Kôrè

The KORE orchestra is a new musical formation created in Segou in 2011 April by the merger of several young talents (musicians) with the support of KORE Cultural Center. The group consists of six musicians and organizes parties and celebrations. Orchestre KORE plays a mixture of traditional and modern rhythms through a Malian repertoire where the sounds of kamalen ngoni, kora, guitar, balafon, the djembe and Guita (calabash) unite to give surprising sounds. (bio - using google translation)

More about and from Orchestre Kore:

Sahel Blues

Three virtuosos, Mama Sissoko (Guitar), Assaba Drame (ngoni) and Broda Diabate (kora), are in the process of reviving the sounds and discover the musical diversity of an entire people. Various rhythms combine to give a unique sound that makes traveling in the Sahel musical poetry... in time and space! This mix of traditional and modern musical rhythms gives birth to the "Sahel Blues." This project is an initiative of Kore Cultural Center, in its mission of development of art in the city.

More about and from Sahel Blues:

Super Biton de Segou - NEW MUSIC!! (OK from 2013.Dec)

The legendary Super Biton de Segou, back on the international stage with this clip of the lead track CHE. Enjoy it ...

Wonderful to seeing them still going strong, wondering if they'll ever go on an international tour again......

For whoever is not familiar with them check here:
  • biography at (incl.discography!)
  • all "Super Biton" posts at the supermanguetic blog WRLDSRV, THE place outside of Segou for all things SuperBE Biton!!

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