Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Amadou & Mariam 2001/2005 Live in London

Another one before the end of the year, this music should do it well at each and every New Year's Party!!

Amadou & Mariam, the blind couple from Mali, live recorded in London in 2001 and 2005. Both from BBC Radio 3 broadcasts. Sometimes I have some reservations for them, may be that's why not posted here in the Land of Mangos before, BUT Amadou's guitar playing is always amazing and pulls me over.

AMADOU-MARIAM-2001-2005_Live in London-BBC

2001 November 20 - London, Momo
setlist: 1.Je Pense A Toi / 2.Baara / 3.Lahilala / 4.Poulo
bc: 2002.Jan.18 - Andy Kershaw (on BBC Radio 3)

2005 June 09 - Marquee Club London
setlist: 1.La Fete au Village (6.15) / 2.Fana (5.30) / 3.La Paix (4.50) / 4.Beaux Dimanch-es (3.30) / 5.Coulibaly (4.00) / 6.Kobena (6.00) / 7.Chantez Chantez (6.45) / 8.Toubalakono (7.30) / 9.La Realite (5.30)
bc.2005.Jul.16 - World Routes with Lucy Duran (on BBC Radio 3)
Recorded especially for the programme at the Marquee Club in London's Leicester Square. Was part of the BBC's Africa Lives season (in 2005...).

Discography Missing?

  • well just check the one here! enough?
    though I think even that one isn't complete,
    so promise to pull something together in future A&M posts...

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