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Jeri-Jeri & Mbene Diatta Seck - 2014.Jul.23 Festival Krems

Yes Yes, back in Mango Land again, 3rd day in a row, this time with some live music, good to sweat out yesterday's overload...

Info from the original FunkHaus Europa (name changed to Cosmo) broadcast:
Today Senegalese master drummers [mangue: sabar foli?] meet with a German producer: Berlin techno-legend Mark Ernestus presents the Senegalese project Jeri Jeri.
Poly-rhythmic grooves from the Sabar drums, the Tama talking drum and dry beats connect to a rough electronic acoustic trip in the savanne. Since a few years the legendary producer and Hardwax- engages himself with African music and a.o.remixed Konono No.1. In the case of Jeri-Jeri Ernestus doesn't try to beef up the music for an international audience, but to present the essence of the music.

Jeri-Jeri leader Bakane Seck (in 2013): "This project of course comes from Mbalax and Sabar, but we have something new, a lot of changes and ideas come from Mark [Ernestus]. In the beginning he just came to Dakar every few months to find the way how to go about this project. Then in addition to Jeri-Jeri, which is my family - a very big family of sabar drummers - many big musicians are playing in these recordings, but everybody was happy to work with Mark because he is bringing something very new that nobody has done here." -- more at npr-radio

JERI-JERI-20140723_GV Festival Krems FHE

Mark Ernestus presents: Jeri-Jeri & Mbene Diatta Seck
2014.Jul.23 - Glatt&Verkehrt-Festival, Krems, Austria
1.Tukki / 2.Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh / 3.Sosseh / 4.Bamba / 5.Tukulor

Some Media:

  • Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh (2012, YT-video)
    Mark Ernestus presents JERI-JERI with Mbene Diatta Seck. Filmed in Kaolack, Senegal and Prince Arts studio (former Xippi) in Dakar.
  • Clips from releases to listen to at soundcloud


2012: Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh / Dub Dafa Nekh (12", Ndagga #ND-01)
2012: Xale / Xale Rhythm / Daguagne (12", Ndagga #ND-02)
2013: Casamance / Sama Yaye // versions (12", Ndagga #ND-03)
2013: Bamba / Walo // Bamba Version / Leumbeul? (12", Ndagga #ND-04)
2013: Gawlo / version // Lignou Mome / Ndeye Gueye (12", Ndagga #ND-05)
2013: 800% Ndagga (CD/LP, Ndagga #ND-06) recorded in Dakar, Paris and Berlin
2013: Ndagga Versions (CD/LP, Ndagga #ND-07) remixes/dubs of above album
2015: Yermande in 4 mixes (12", Ndagga #ND-21)
2015: Lamb Ji / Lamb Rhythm (12", Ndagga #ND-22)
2016: Walo Walo Version // Ndiguel Groove / WW Rhythm (12", Ndagga #ND-23)
2016: Yermande  (CD/LP, Ndagga #ND-25)

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  1. hey welcome back and seasonal greetings.
    I saw this group perform in Basel february 2014, small audience, very late at night, amazing hypnotic drumming, loved it.