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Atri N'Assouf - 2012.Nov.24 - Rasa Utrecht

Rissa Ag Wanaghli
Now to the country where the tragedy happened described some days ago.; from Niger (and France) here are: Atri N'Assouf

Biography 2009 by Sedryk
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Rissa Ag Wanaghli, originally from the mining town of Arlit (northern Niger) discovered the guitar in the late 80s, then perfected his apprenticeship with Abdallah Oumbadougou, in Tamanrasset, in 1993.
The following year, he created his first group in Libya, before returning to Niger in 1998 and integrating in Takrist n'Akal, Abdallah's orchestra. It is natural that he joins the Desert Rebel collective in 2006.
Now settled in Paris, Rissa has created the group Atri n'Assouf made up of Tuareg and French musicians, but also Burkinabe and Algerian, fruit of his meeting with the French percussionist Plume. The group's music is inspired by traditional Tamashek melodies and, more generally, by all of West Africa. A first album, "Akal", appeared in 2009, in which the singers of Tartit and Abdallah Ag Alhousseini (Tinariwen) took part.

ATRI-N-ASSOUF-20121124_Rasa Utrecht CZ

setlist: 1.Chagat / 2.Akal / 3.Adidinin / 4.Talgha / 5.Taiman / 6.Ille Ellan / 7.Taranin / 8.Eghaf / 9.Adjar / 10.Imitawan

all tracks: traditional, arrangement by Atri N'Assouf
line-up: Rissa Ag Wanagli - guitar vocals / Mama Walet Amoumine - vocals / Alain Plumeauzille - cajon / Ahmed Cisse - bass guitar / Hama Bilalan - electric guitar
source: radio broadcast 2014.Feb.28 - ConcertZender NL

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"il faut me pardonner - you must forgive me"

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