Friday, 29 December 2017

Baaba Maal - 1992/2001 Session and Live BBC

Had a lot of other things to do today, so now just before diner, jumped behind the screen. Not many time, so just selected one out of my archive, which strangle I didn't post earlier:
Baaba Maal.

Baaba Maal 2001.Apr.29 at African Freedom Festival, London (source: Getty Images)

There's enough info and discographies to find, so leave that to yourselves to search around. I'm not sure what/where I heard first something from him, might be the 'Africa Never Sleeps' compilation or a track from his international debut 'Djam Leeli'. Anyway after hearing such music, you'll never forget his name and always check out something new coming from him. That has not always been to my taste, but the good ones I really liked a lot!!

MAAL-BAABA-1992-2001_Session and Live BBC

1992.Oct.24 - BBC Kershaw Session [session #3?]
setlist: 1.Hamady Boiro / 2.Ndelorel / 3.Toro / 4.Deliya
source: BBC Radio 3 - 1992.Nov.21 - Andy Kershaw

2001.Apr.23 - The Junction, Cambridge, UK
setlist: a1.Cherie // b1.Yoolelle Maman / b2.Miyaabele / b3.Allah Addu Jam
source: BBC Radio 3 - 2001.Apr.27*/Jun.08 - Andy Kershaw
note: * missing from Apr.27 broadcast the songs a2.Fanta / a3.Tiedo

Various Baaba Maal media:

  • Jamma Jengii (2001.May.04 - BBC TWO Later... with Jools Holland) - video brilliant!!
    to BBC: really only one song recorded?? WHY??
  • Musique Traditionnelle (Balade) - video unknown source 
  • Recent 2016.Nov (?) acoustic performance in Nouakchott, Mauritania (pt.1 - pt.2)

reminder, please don't never ever forget:

"il faut me pardonner - you must forgive me"


  1. My friend, it is sure that this recording will be to your taste.
    BAABA MAAL Andy Kershaw 3rd November 1988.

  2. Thank You!
    Great session, would love to hear and have those recordings (original tape/audio, of course not sourced from this youtube upload)

  3. Just ask the uploader, people who love sharing are kind.