Friday, 29 January 2016

Ablaye Sarre et son Orchestre (1991/92, K7)

Let's go over the border to Mali, bought this K7 in 1992 during a trip through Mali, actually the first time I went out of Europe. Don't remember why nor where I bought it, but I guess on the road somewhere between Segou and Mopti.
I don't have and couldn't find on the web any further info about this one, except that it was issued through Camara Productions. Which is still existing and, even after more than 20 years located at the same address in Paris (see sleeve and website), they also are running a youtube channel with Malian music and TV series.
Ablaye plays the strings (of his guitar), a little in the vein of the late Ali Farka Toure, and his Orchestra could very well be his family (i.e.wife and daughters on vocals and one of his sons on calabash percussion), but as you understand that's just my wild guess.
I must admit that I hadn't played it in a long long time, but recently found it between my stuff and now quit enjoy listening to it.

Here you can listen to the first track:

1991/92, K7, Camara Production Paris #CK7.048)

Tracklist: a1.Sayaye Monoye / a2.Mali Mousoou / a3.Tounka // b1.Sonatam / b2.Yalo / b3.Allah Mana Komike

Anybody who knows more about this K7 or it's performers, even if it's just a tiny piece of info, I'm very interested, so please don't hesitate to make comments to this post.


  1. Hallo Mangue!
    Have tried to answer your question before but my comment was never taken.
    Sorry but I dodn't have any hardware in concern of african music here.
    Kind regards / Thomas

  2. OK, Thomas.
    Don't know what was the problem with commenting, could be the verification thing (to avoid spam) doing strange.

  3. Bonsoir mangue

    reminds me as a electrified guitar of Karamoko Keita.

    Cheers, Kabako

  4. You're probably right, looks like a home recording, CAMARA requested audios artists on demand of its customers in the food store he owned, the homesickness of emigrants who shopped at the grocery-hairdresser store was the origin of the label from Paris .
    There is a video on youtube of Ablaye Sarre & Sarre Kunda(family Sarre),
    I think he is originally from Mopti or Gao, someone told me, but can not remember.

  5. @Mangue
    I see in your wish list, the OUMOU -Laban K7, I have the K7 but I've never digitized, a friend gave me the digital audio, and it seems the original source, then the analog source does not have much more to offer.
    Contact me if you want the cover, in the back-cover is the list of musicians and collaborators.

  6. =>NGONI,
    Thanks for the info about Ablaye Sarre, the music in the video is very different from K7.
    About the K7 cover check your mail.