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Fatoumata Diawara - 2012.Sep.28 - Schimmel Center, New York

After all the 'earlier' performances by 'experienced' musicians let's listen to a fairly recent (2012) live recording by an upcoming artist, Fatoumata Diawara.
As I remember right, I first heard/saw her through a youtube video from the 2010 Afrikafestival in Hertme (can't find the one, but for your pleasure that whole performance is up on youtube now, see at bottom of post).
Anyway I was very impressed, so followed her musical adventures and collected several of her live recordings. When archiving, I immediattelly knew this is the one to enjoy in the 'Pays de Mangues'.

About Fatoumata Diawara there's a lot of info to find, if she's new to you best start here or here, and if you're curious dig further through given links there.

DIAWARA-20120928_New York (WFMU)

setlist: 1.Clandestine / 2.Nayan / 3.Sonkolon / 4.Sowa / 5.Kanou / 6.Kele / 7.Bissa / 8.Bakanoba / 9.Alama / 10.Salimata / 11.Tounkan (last three corrected from list given by WFMU)

Further info about this recording:

2013.Jan.05, WFMU Transpacific Sound Paradise:
Fatoumata Diawara is an engaging young West African actress turned singer who performs original songs blending Wassalou traditions of Southern Mali with international influences. Her debut Fatou was recently released by Nonesuch / World Circuit.
She's one of the dozen artists selected to play the prestigious annual globalFEST world music showcase at Webster Hall on Sunday 2013.Jan.13 (watch here). You'll understand why she made the cut when you hear tonight's broadcast of her triumphant New York Debut 2012 September 28 at Schimmel Center, Pace University, New York.

2012.Oct.02, schimmelblog (incl.a photo gallery of the show)
Fatoumata Diawara graced the Schimmel Center stage this past Friday, 2012 September 28, and blew away all expectations with her wondrous set. Even getting the ever-cynical New York City crowd to get up and dance, Diawara’s 90 minute set included many songs from her US debut, Fatou. Her talent seemed effortless and the band she led never faltered, making for a majestic night of music for those in attendance.

More pictures at gettyimages.

Discography (and musical adventures) of Fatoumata Diawara

prior to (since 1996) and in between her musical adventures she acted in various films and theatre performances
2006: tried audition for 'Opéra du Sahel', the world's first African opera
2007/08: collaborations with Dee Dee Bridgewater and Oumou Sangaré
2009.Jan: first concert, performing solo at the Musée Dapper in Paris (rfimusique)
2009: backing singer in Oumou Sangaré's international tour (
2010: demo EP (promo-CD to radio stations)
2010: European tour with own band (a.o.Festival Hertme - watch AFH171  - 180)
2011: Kanou EP (CD-EP, World Circuit)
2011: Fatou (CD, World Circuit)
2011/12: various collaborations, a.o.AfroCubism, Africa Express and Cheikh Lo
2013: gathered Mali's most renowned musicians for 'Mali-ko - Peace - La Paix'
2014: together with Roberto Fonseca international tour
2015: At Home - Live in Marciac [with Roberto Fonseca] (CD, Jazz Village)

Enjoy the Music! Always EAT


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