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Thione Seck - Orientation Concert (2011)

In the comments to the previous post with Senegalese music, I asked Falilou Ndiaye if he may be had some live reccordings from Thione Seck. Despite his enormous collection of Senegalese K7s uploaded to youtube, he didn't, so I diggedin my archive and can present you the only one I have, a fairly recent live recording of Thione Seck at the (again) Music Meeting Festival in 2011. Here's the background info I could find:

Thione Seck - Orientation Concert:

Thione Seck at Music Meeting 2011
source: (google translation)
In collaboration with the Holland Festival the Music Meeting presents for the first time in Europe the splendid repertoire of Orientation, with in a starring role the master singer Thione Seck.
Thione Seck Ballago is one of Senegal's greatest singers and musicians in the mbalax genre, along with Baaba Maal, Omar Pene and Youssou N'Dour, although he has not achieved the same success outside of Senegal as in his own country. Seck hails from a griot family. His career began in the seventies with the internationally renowned Afro-Latin orchestra Orchestre Baobab. He then formed his own band Raam Daan, which up until now weekly performs under the artistic direction of Seck in Penc Mi, Seck's nightclub in Dakar.
The mbalax of Thione Seck has it's own sound, and is distinguished mainly by the rapid pulse of the sabar drums. Secks unique phrasing and extremely powerful phrasing are instantly recognizable among Senegalese, he is also highly regarded for his layered lyrics. In recent years he was inspired by Indian and Arabic influences, for which his album Orientiation* is a clear and very inventive example. This album was created in close artistic collaboration with more than forty North African, Arabian and Indian musicians, who know how to create a glowing fusion of their different musical traditions. Seck said that the soundtracks of Bollywood movies were a major influence on his inspiration for this album.
*my note: Orientiation first issued in 2003 on local K7, and in 2005 internationally on CD (see discography)

Thione Seck at Music Meeting 2011.Jun.13
16:30 - Mezzo - session and interview - Thione Seck, Francois Bréant & Maurice Zemmour
19:30 - Apollo - concert - Thione Seck Orientation

Thione Seck -– vocals / Dieynaba Koite -– vocals / Khady Mbaye -– vocals / Dara Guissé -– xalam / Abdelhoued Zaim -– ud / Zied Zouari -– violin / David Aubaile -– keyboards, flute / Maurice Zemmour -– bass, contrabass / Amar Chaoui -– percussion / Julien Tekeyan -– drums, percussion / François Bréant -– harmonica, percussion, musical direction

Listen to the first track

SECK-THIONE-20110613_MM Nijmegen

setlist: 1.Ballago / 2.Mouhamadou Bamba / 3.Djirim - Orphan / 4.Manmignoul - Ode to Color Black / 5.Yaye - Mother / 6.Doom - Child / 7.Mouhahibou - sacred text / 8.Blain Djiqueul - Death of Close Friend
bonus: aco.Siiw - Celebrity / interview

-tracknr.1-7: NL Radio6 - 2011.Jul.26 - Radio6 Live
-tracknr.8: NL Radio Netherlands Worldwide - Hear the World 2011, prog.23
-acoustic and interview: NL Radio6 - Artists - Thione Seck

-Thione Seck 2011.Jun.11 at Afro-Pfingsten Festival (thanks to doyadig)

More info about Thione Seck:
- discography by Toshiya Endo (last update 2008.March)
- biography on AfroPop WorldWide

Enjoy the Music! Always EAT



  1. thank you! I saw him two days prior to this Njimegen show here in Switzerland at Winterthur Afro Pfingsten.
    very same band and project, they played for about 70 minutes, intriguing mix.

    Here's a short clip I found on you tube

    1. =>doyadig
      Thanks for the video, now can see how the concert looked like! Will include it in the post!

  2. It was first tape, a african release on Syllart from 2003 and called "Orientissimo, Volet 1".Then later on, 2005 the CD "Orientation"

    Thanks for your concert of 2011!

    Song 2 of the concert, Mouhamadou Bamba, you can find it already on Thione's first album, "Chaffeur Bi" from 1980 (which is my favorite of that song) and of course with Baobab…