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Youssou N'dour 1985/86 Amsterdam (K7)

1985.Jun.22 Paradiso
In the mid 1990s together with the Africa Soli K7 (previous post), I got a K7 with 1985/86 concerts from Youssou N'dour broadcasted on Dutch radio. There was no info about when nor where these concerts were recorded, and only a few titles of songs were given.

So dived again in the Dutch beeldengeluid archive, which brought only one hit for "Youssou 1985-1986" forward:
Backline - Youssou N'Dour / 1986.Jul.23, VPRO / medium - radio

Searching Dutch newspapers archives ( - - online revealed:
  • on 1985.Jun.22 Youssou N'dour & le Super Etoile de Dakar performed in Paradiso, Amsterdam
  • backline was a radio program with concert recordings on Dutch Radio 3 VPRO (each wednesday 21-22hr)
  • on 1986.Jul.25 (friday) and 1986.Sep.03 (wednesday) Youssou N'dour & le Super Etoile de Dakar performed (both times) in Melkweg, Amsterdam
    pictures of the 1986.Jul.25 concert are on gettyimages

1986.Jul.25 Melkweg Amsterdam - pictures by Frans Schellekens, see at gettyimages

Furthermore in a so called "AfricanLiveMusic vine" ca.15 min. of Youssou's 1985.Jun.22 concert in Amsterdam has been send around the world on discs.
  • 1985 recordings are from Jun.22 concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam
    (and probably re-broadcasted 1986.Jul.23 as a sort of promo for the concert two days later at Jul.25)
  • 1986 recordings are from one of the two concerts in Melkweg, Amsterdam
Listen here to: Alla Kassira - traditional from Mali (rec.1985.Jun.22)

NDOUR-1985-86_Live in Holland (corrected)

Setlist of 1985.Jun.22 (with help of aduna and Falilou Ndiaye):
1.Alla Kassira - traditional from Mali / 2.Immigres / 3.Xale Yi Rew Mi / 4.Sabar - Moussa Coly  / 5.Moule Moule
Setlist of 1986 (with corrections from Falilou Ndiaye):
1.Donkaasi Gi / 2.Daby / 3.Barguet

I labelled the tracks according the dates, but as the last tracks from 1985 are from the encore and the 1986 are a little mellower, I can imagine the 1986 tracks put in front or in between the 1985 tracks to get a more real complete concert feeling. Well that's upto you, whatever you like best!!

More 1980s live recordings from Youssou N'dour et le Super Etoile de Dakar:
  • 1982 concert in Abidjan, Ivory Coast (issued 1983 on LP as 'Show!!! a Abidjan') posted by aduna at his old blog, download link still OK
  • 1985/86? concert at Thiossane Night Club, Dakar - issued 1986 on K7 as 'Jamm - La Paix - Vol.12' - at likembe
  • 1986 concert at London's Town & Country Club, London: audio p.1 / audio p.2
  • 1987 Immigres (Live In Athens*) [9:37] with Peter Gabriel intro - video at vimeo
  • 1987 Sama Dome - My Daughter (Live In Athens*) [9:42]  with (same) Peter Gabriel intro and credits outro - video at vimeo
* hey what about an official release of full recordings of these concerts, think it would beat the 'Live in Athens' issue by miles!! (which is understandable as Athens was as support act)

Full discographies of Youssou N'dour & le Super Etoile de Dakar:

Profiter de la musique! Toujours MANGER


PS: that "AfricanLiveMusic vine" contained also in Amsterdam made concert recordings of Super Djata Band (1985.Dec.Nov.18, ca.14min), Super Biton de Ségou (19841986.Oct.02,  ca.18min) and Baaba Maal (1986.Sep.07, ca.20min). Ahum, VERY INTERESTED in all, so if anybody here has any, please contact............


  1. The 1st track is a traditional song from Mali called Alla Kassira, the fourth one is dedicated to Moussa Coly, and the last one is Moule Moule (Africa was not included in the set).

    1. Track 2 is called Daby instead of Barguet. Track 3 is called Barguet instead of Daby. Nevertheless, good work and bring more Live from Africa

    2. => Falilou Ndiaye
      Thanks for your corrections, used and reuploaded all.
      Would be nice if you refer to my blog on you youtube uploads, thanks in advance!!

    3. =>Falilou Ndiaye
      Saw you have Thione Seck K7s, really like him!! Do have also some live music from him?

    4. I don't really have a lor of Live from Thione Seck other than the ones that were released. I will take your remark on consideration for the future.

  2. The Biton concert in the Melkweg was on October 2, 1986 (and not in 1984). The Djata Band concert in the same location was on November 18, 1985.

    The Youssou N'Dour photos were taken, by the way, by Frans Schellekens.

    1. =>WrldServ
      Thanks for the correction (I used the info given in that vine). Even contacted through the given Email address, but no reply, it's old info.
      Found in the "" archive a Super Biton date of 1986.Oct.25, could that be the broadcasting date? And most important question: do you have any good recordings of those 'vine' concerts?

    2. =>WrldServ
      Do you know from which concert the 1986 recordings are?

    3. =>WrldServ
      Noticed in the "gettyimages" archive that Frans Schellekens made a lot of pictures at African concerts in Holland, mostly in Melkweg, Amsterdam.
      A venue where also (the late) Prince has performed. The news of the death of Prince, got me thinking if he has ever performed with non-Western musicians, didn't find any info about such. Do you know may be of any musical Prince - African collaboration?