Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Papa Wemba (1949-2016) went Prince's Way

Just reached me the news, that after Prince, another great musician has left our world, Papa Wemba collapsed on stage during a performance this weekend in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Further infos can be found here:
On his website (papawemba.info) can even be watched a video when it happened.

As a Homage I like to present you here a double BBC Session:

PAPA-WEMBA-19920819_BBC Sessions

Andy Kershaw session:
1.Lingo Lingo / 2.Le Voyageur / 3.Anna / unknown 4th track missing
John Peel session:
1.Madilamba / 2.Zero / 3.Maria Valencia / 4.Ombela
Both sessions recorded on same day and broadcasted in consequetive radio shows, line-up:
Papa Wemba - lead vocals / Amisi Mela - backing vocals / Patric Mazie Magdelaine - guitar / Magid Mahdi - bass / Heire Ra Kotofizinge - keyboards / Jean Philippe Dary - keyboards / Roge Raspail - percussion / Lauzent Coatalen - percussion / Joseph Kuo - drums
Remember (and if you wish pray for) him when listening to his music!!
PS: about the late Prince, started thinking if he ever did any musical collaboration with African and/or other non-western musician(s), don't remember nor couldn't find such, anybody knows of any?


  1. R.I.P. Papa. If it's any consolation, he died doing what he did best: performing great pop music.

    1. =>Tim Harrison
      Yeah, that's for sure, died when doing what he loved.
      Wish Prince, that he was composing anew music in his mind when he used his lift for the last time:
      "and if de-elevator tries 2 bring u down
      go crazy - punch a higher floor"