Thursday, 28 January 2016

Afrika Festival Hertme & Djelimady Tounkara

In between K7s some more recent music.

Afrika Festival Hertme
Since 1989 held in the small village of Hertme in the east of The Netherlands. Have been there only once in the early 1990s, later on I was never near enough to be be possible to visit it again. But now watching (youtube channel), reading (songlines article) and listening (see under), should really just go there once more (this year it will be held on 2016.Jul.02/03).
Here are two live recordings to wet your appetite and for listening pleasure:
Mama, Sayon & Sona Diabate - 2000 live in Hertme

Omar Pene & Super Diamono - 2002 live in Hertme

Update (2016.Sep.03) as comments don't publish direct links:
*live radio recordings at (click the artists to go to their pages with audio)
*Afrikafestival YT-channel at

Djelimady Tounkara - Djely Blues
New album expected 2016.March [promo video]
Just catched two tracks from a radioshow, as promotion for forthcoming album:

Update 2016.Feb.25, soundcloud deleted audiofiles for copyright reasons, so best check the promo video

Enjoy EATING them RAW!!!!


  1. Djelimady Tounkara, is, has been and remains much better artist than what we hear on this record.
    The cover design is really ugly, according to the title, Djely Blues(sad); "Label Bleu" has had a bad idea proposing to do this "elevator music album" to this great musician, the guitar sounds good, but the concept is wrong, even some songs have a bad guitar accompaniment.
    It seems to be just another product to sell.

  2. hallo

    just back from Hertme 2016...I had been hearing about it for a long time and finally made it all the way from has been a beautiful 2 days of african music from different styles and countries. I particularly enjoyed Kenya's Les Mangelepa's show because it was apparently their first EVER show outside Africa, and they've been around 40 years at least...for mangue (I'm sure you know already) all the audios of the shows are or will be available online at

  3. =>doyadig: Glad you could make it all the way from Swiss and enjoyed Africa in Hertme, Holland.
    Unfortunately (again) couldn't get there this year, but some time in coming years..... will be there.

    Links for recordings of the festival:
    *live radio recordings at
    *videos on Afrikafestival Hertme YT-channel at