Sunday, 10 January 2016

Kade Diawara - L'Eternelle - L'Archange du Manding

After the first K7 from my visit to Guinee, now my favourite one, which is actually the last one I bought in Guinee itself.
Heard this music a lot in the house where I stayed, and wanted to have a copy myself. So in the morning before my plane would leave the country, went to the local music stalls and bought this one:
Kade Diawara - L'Eternelle Kade Diawara
(1993/94, Ninibou productions, AM.126)
Played this one a lot and still really really like it. Unfortunately not all (actually most) people, who heard some of this K7, appreciated it. I can imagine that if you're ears and mind are accustomed to hear/listen to western (pop)music only, but if you open yourself to sounds of other parts of our earthly globe (i.e.north/east/south), you may discover an enourmous wealth of culture, which will really enrich your life!!!!
Back to Kade Diawara, there's not alot of information about her, here's what I know and found:

-in the book "World Music: Africa, Europe and the Middle East":
(on pg.551) One of the finest woman singers of the 1970s was the Guinean Kade Diawara, "the Archangel of Mande". She had a typically Guinean, open throated, liquid-sounding voice. In the 1980s she stopped singing - the result, so was said, of witchcraftdirected at her by rival singers - but in 1992 she made a strong comeback with her cassette "Kade Diawara - L'Eternelle", with a semi-acoustic backing ensemble.
(in discography on pg.561) Kade Diawara - Guinea's finest female singer in the Mande tradition.
K7 - L'Archange du Manding (Bolibana, Guinea-Conakry/France) - Rolling love songs with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Classic 1970s recording. [must be a copy of the Syliphone record, see under]
K7 - L'Eternelle Kade Diawara (AMC, Guinea-Conakry) - A brilliant 1990s return by Guinea's arc-angel, now in semi-acoustic vein. [THAT'S THIS ONE!!]

-(Hadja) Kade Diawara was born in 1940 in a village in Kouroussa (Sangbarala)
-in the 1970s Kade was the lead singer of the Ensemble Instrumental National (video, for more check his channel)
-in the early 2000s, she performed in the group of Djembe master Famaoudou Koyate, then operating out of Germany as far as I know, on his album 'Hamana Foli Kan' Kade did the main vocals.
-in the 2010s she's living in Coléah, a suburb of Conakry, according to some articles under difficult circumstances, but even then made some new recordings (see 2011 - Nimba No.0132011 -, 2014 -, 2014 -, as usual google likes to help with translations).

Before the full K7, you can listen here to a taped segment of a 1992 Andy Kershaw show in which was played a tape of vinyl recording of Kade Diawara:

and the opening track of the K7

Compiled discography of Kade Diawara:
-L’Archange du Manding (1977, LP, Syliphone SLP.62) (info)
-L'Eternelle Kade Diawara (1993/94, K7, Ninibou productions AM.126)
-Djinan Mousso (200?, K7, DDU.001) (info)
-Djoula (?, K7, CK.7267) (info)
-La Guinee Allou Baraka (2011, K7?) (info)

Kade Diawara - L'eternelle Kade Diawara (1993/94, Ninibou productions, AM.126)

Enjoy the music!! And always EAT THEM RAW!!

PS: anybody in contact with Kade: Please give Kade my wishes for good health and eternal respect!
PS: n'importe qui au contact de Kade: Donner Kade mes vœux de bonne santé et le respect éternel!


  1. This is fantastic.More please.

  2. Merci pour cette belle cassette; c' est bien malinké, et quand même pas mal differentdu disque.

  3. Now THAT is a comeback recording! Fabulous. For me the standout track is Belebele, where the band really do some great work - just wish that Kade's voice had been recorded better on that one.

    A pity the tracks are cut short again - especially tracks 1 & 2 where she's still going full-on when the track fades out.



    1. Glad you like this one also, David.
      Most tracks on K7s are cut short, suppose everyting has to fit on the standard length tapes, they use.
      Got any K7s yourself?

  4. Kade Diawara a voice that comes inside, always generous, fantastic! Thanks for this.
    I uploaded to Dailymotion the video M'bo for you.
    You can find pictures of the L’Archange du Manding (1976, LP, Syliphone SLP.62 edition here:
    the audio can be heard for free in Deezer.

    1. =>NGONI
      Curious about the songs subjects, do you understand where she's singing about?

  5. =>NGONI
    Thanks for the links and video about Kade, strangely deezer is missing the 9th track from the LP (b4.Sounkandoun Bombé).
    Have another K7 from Kade still to be digitized and posted here soon.

  6. Yes true, I forgot it, I do not have that song, I think it was Bolibana Productions, who marketed the album, they probabily get the audio from a K7.