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Super Selection - Les Hits du Guinea Vol.2 (1993, K7)

OK, so here we go with Mangue Music Blog.

When visiting a country and getting an impression of the actual music, it always is a good idea to buy a compilation. So when visiting Guinea Conakry late 1993, went to the market and bought this cassette (K7). It was sealed in platic and the back part of the box was black, so couldn't see the K7 itself.
front of K7
black K7 box
 When later taking a drink in an open bar, the guy asked me what was up, and I showed him the K7 (still sealed and not played). He suggested to play it for me there, I gave him the K7, and he went behind somewhere to put in his player. Really liked the music, think stayed in the bar till it was fully played, payed the barkeeper and asked back my K7. When he gave it back, I automatically open the box, and was flabbergasted for a moment, on the cassette it read: Best American Hits Vol.7!!
"Best American Hits Vol.2" used for
"Super Selection - Les Hits du Guinea Vol.2"
My first reaction was, that when he played, he simultaneously copied it and by accident gave me back his copy instead of the original. I showed him the K7 and he said: "Yeah, that's your K7", and then I realised that he hadn't and couldn't have copied it and if you buy something on a local market, always check the contents, surely when sealed and you can't see inside!

full sleeve (on request of Thomas)

Here the tracklisting, with some links to info about the artists:

a1-Ousmane Kouyate - Kefimba - 1985 (rfimusique)
a2-Oumou Diabate - Bimolou - 1993 (radio-kankan /
a3-Damba Kante - Lanaya - ?? (no info)
a4-Les Amazones de Guinee - Samba - 1983 (
a5-Ousmane Kouyate - Beni Hamnanko - 1982 (see a1)

b1-Doura Barry - Les Filles de Mon Pays - 1988 (musiques-afrique)
b2-Prince Diabate - Lamaranaa - 1993 (princediabate)
b3-Oumou Diabate - Christine - 1993 (see a2)
b4-Mory Djeli - Lamini Magasouba - 1990 (conakrypeople)
b5-Sekouba Kandia Kouyate - Ye Ye - ?? (
b6-Super Etoile du Fouta - Ce Lela - ?? (no info)

Note: most info is in French, if needed translation Google really likes to help!
The two outstanding tracks for me are Les Amazones de Guinee (with a cover of a 1972 hit by Balla/Pivi et ses Balladins), the intro gives me goosebumps (everytime!!) and Doura Barry (a big hit in the late 80s!!, would love to hear his whole tape!! short review here).

So for your full listening pleasure here is:
Super Selection - Les Hits du Guinea Vol.2 (1993, K7)!!

Enjoy the music!! And while listening, EAT THEM RAW!!

PS: if somebody has good additional info about any of featured artists, feel very free to leave it in a comment.


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