Thursday, 14 January 2016

Awards for World Music Concert (2006)

The two first post were about music from Guinea, where you can the best mangos, but now let's open up to other, some even mango-less, parts of our globe.
Here's a recording from the BBC Radio3 Awards for World Music 2006 Concert, it was held at 2006.Apr.07 at the Brixton Academy, London and broadcasted 2006.Apr.10 on BBC Radio3. A little later it has been on television on BBC FOUR and this recording is from a broadcast on BBC World Service. The broadcast was an 1 hour edit of the concert and taped on K7 from FM radio (so, outside the UK, should be better than from internet stream).

It's a wirlwind of musical styles, performed for a very enthousiastic crowd, the show was presented by South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela, the audio has been cutted into individual tracks (some with relevant intro), interviews and voice-overs from the World Service.
Short infos about performing artists:
1.Fanfare Ciocarlia: a high speed brass band from north-east Romania, they would receive a speeding ticket if they would drive as fast as they play (bbc / wiki / video / docu)
2.Souad Massi: an Algerian born singer-songwriter, playing music as she herself states from the cross roads of Folkrock, Pop and WorldMusic (bbc / wiki / video)
3.Konono No.1: a group, formed in 1966, from Kinshasa in Congo and playing electric amplified likembes (traditional thumb pianos) together with other instruments, their style was named 'Congotronics' by their producer Vincent Kenis from Crammed Discs (bbc / wiki / video)
4.Ry Cooder: an American multi-instrumentalist, who's making music since the late 1960s and still going strong, he is best known for his slide guitar work and has played with Captain Beefheart, Ali Farka Toure, Buena Vista Social Club and many many more (bbc / wiki / video)
5.Sain Zahoor: a Sufi street singer from Lahore Pakistan playing the 'ektara', an according to him more than 1000 year old instrument (bbc / wiki / video)
6.Armenian Navy Band: band founded by Arto Tuncboyacıyan performing compositions taken from the tradition and from the current culture of Armenia (bbc / wiki / video)
7.Amadou & Mariam: blind couple of Mali, he's playing the guitar and both are singing, they met in the Bamako School for the Blind and became romantically involved with each other, their personal and musical fairytale still continues (bbc / wiki / video)
BBC R3 Awards for World Music 2006 (bbc)
Note to 1-3: in the passed years original founders of above bands, Ioan Ivancea from Fanfare Ciocarlia and Mingiedi Mawangu from Konono No.1, have died, but both bands have continued and still play their music.

Fanfare Ciocarlia

Sain Zahoor

Full tracklist:
0.welcome by Hugh Masekela
1.Fanfare Ciocarlia (performance with interview)
2.Souad Massi (perf.with int.): Ilham (incl.tape error) / Humanik Dubarak (?!phonetic!?)
3.Konono No.1 (performance with description)
4.Ry Cooder (acceptance song by video from Santa Monica airport)
5.Sain Zahoor (performance with interview)
6.Armenian Navy Band (performance with intro by Charlie Gillett)
7.Amadou & Mariam (performance and interview): Dimanche a Bamako
8.closing words by Hugh Masekela

VA BBC 2006 - Radio3 Awards for World Music

Enjoy the World Trip!! And always EAT THEM RAW!!

PS: if somebody has more/other recordings from any of the Awards for World Music Concerts, I'm very interested, please don't hesitate to contact.


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